YouTube TV loses ESPN, Disney content after no-deal deal expires


(NEXSTAR) – YouTube TV users woke up to an unhappy surprise on Saturday. While the platform’s monthly price has dropped by $ 15, so has the amount of content available to watch.

YouTube TV’s agreement to continue providing Disney content, which includes ESPN and shows like “The Bachelor,” expired Friday. The company, owned by Google, said in a blog post that if Disney offered “a level playing field,” the deal would be renewed.

As of 11:00 p.m. CT Friday, YouTube TV updated the blog post to say that despite “good faith negotiations,” no deal was reached with Disney before the deal expired. Without content from Disney, YouTube TV has announced that it will reduce its monthly rate from $ 64.99 to $ 49.99 as long as the content remains off the platform.

YouTube TV has approximately 3 million subscribers, according to the Boston Globe. Many learned that a new deal was not reached while watching the FCS semi-final game between James Madison and North Dakota State on Friday when the channel went missing. Others probably noticed it when they tried to tune in to college football games on Saturday, to which ESPN owns the rights, reports the New York Post.

Disney released a statement which reads: “We are in ongoing negotiations with Google’s YouTube TV and unfortunately they refused to make a fair deal with us based on market terms and conditions. As a result, their subscribers lost access to our unrivaled portfolio of networks, including sports and live news, as well as children’s, family and general entertainment programs from ABC, ESPN networks, Disney channels. , Freeform, FX Networks and National Geographic Channels. We are ready to strike a fair deal with Google as soon as possible to minimize the inconvenience to YouTube TV viewers by restoring our networks. We hope Google will join us in this effort.

In its blog post, YouTube TV encouraged viewers to consider signing up for Disney streaming services like ESPN + and Disney +. Disney also owns the Hulu streaming service, which offers live sports and other Disney-owned content.


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