What makes us sad

Oh yes. The sad boi.

The internet pop culture archetype that has somehow found its way to real life through “sad boi music” and other art exhibits that often convey the sadness that comes with life and failed relationships. Most of the time, they can come across as someone who is very tuned in and vocal about their emotions and aware of the realities of the world around them.

While this isn’t entirely a bad thing, you might not realize that they are already manipulating you or tricking you into doing the things they want. And the sad woods are known to be the stereotypical emotional manipulator.

So what really makes a sad boi a real sad boi? Here’s how to find out:

Define the “sad boi”

According to Urban Dictionary, a ‘sad boi’ is someone who is “often upset by the things of the world”. They often talk about how they are feeling at the moment, listen to Vaporwave, Joji, Kodaline, Russ, Frank Ocean or Daniel Caesar (no hate), and often use self-deprecating humor in their daily conversations. They channel and express their emotions through artistic means like music and poetry too!

In stayhipp.com, they wrote that sad woods “can be musicians, skateboarders, Tumblr bloggers, E-boys, soft boys, art boys, or any type of boy.” So yeah, they could literally be anywhere or anyone at this point.

Why do people hate sad wood?

Good question. People paint sad wood in a negative light for three reasons:

  • They can be very manipulative.

Because people see them as sensitive and “in touch” with their emotions, some “sad woods” often use this to their advantage. They use their sadness to manipulate others into getting what they want. Or as an excuse to act like a fuckboy.

When confronted with their manipulative behavior, those gas lamps and guilt make people believe that they have done nothing wrong. An example of their typical one-liner: “I’m just going to end my life if I can’t be with you”

Toxic yuck. But think of Song Kang’s character in Love Alarm as an example.

  • They can be a bit too dramatic.

Love alarm song kang kdrama sad character boi

Because they are so dramatic, they often turn their “sad boi” into their whole personality – their preferences in music, art, and even poetry. They make their self-deprecating jokes about themselves and sometimes even see themselves as the main character in everyone’s life.

Flash info: being a sad boi doesn’t make you the main character.

They also project their sadness towards others on a whole new level. It’s draining af.

  • They don’t take responsibility for their actions.

Sad woods don’t hold themselves accountable at all for times they have intentionally / unintentionally hurt others. They often run away, or worse, even make others believe it wasn’t their fault.

They see themselves as the victim and will always play the victim card regardless of the situation. Sad Bois also relies on others to defend them when they need it, and to “protect” them from confrontations or conflicts that could “harm” them.

Are all sad woods like this?

No, I don’t think so. But because of how infamous some people are and are experts in manipulative and controlling behavior, they have become generalized as “sad fuckboys.” There are also some who don’t realize that what they are doing is already manipulative and mean, and this is where we can start to educate them.

We can begin to guide them on their journey to self-improvement. There is nothing wrong with liking sad music, poetry or movies, or humor that belittles itself. It’s just the way they unwittingly become manipulative and controlling others.

There’s nothing wrong with helping them improve, right? So whenever you meet a sad boi you can call him out on his terrible af behavior and help him avoid that, or if he is really stubborn and a sad boi through and through then call him and shame him.

These sad woods deserve all the shame in the world.

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