What is the official name of SpaceX? Elon Musk just revealed the real name and purpose of the space company

Everyone wonders why SpaceX is called that? It literally doesn’t make sense. Here’s Elon Musk, CEO of the Space Flight Business Organization, to clear the cloud surrounding his name. Read on to find out.

SpaceX is actually called Space Exploration Technologies Corporation. Yes of course ! SpaceX is the acronym for its larger full name. Elon Musk took to the microblogging site Twitter to share the information on SpaceX’s official name. He informed that SpaceX is the abbreviation of the “official name” Space Exploration Technologies Corporation.

SpaceX and its goal

According to Britannica, SpaceX is an American commercial aerospace company founded in 2020. It operates aerospace transport and communications services. The company is headquartered in Hawthorne, California. The goal of SpaceX, as stated by Musk, is to “reduce the costs of space transportation to allow the colonization of Mars”.

Evolution of SpaceX

The company entered the space craft industry with the Falcon 1 rocket, a two-stage spacecraft designed to send small satellites into orbit. According to reports, the Falcon Rocket was much cheaper to build and use than its competition. The company also developed the Merlin engine, a compact and energy efficient system that allowed an inexpensive budget for the spacecraft. In the times to come, the company also looks forward to making reusable space launchers for more sustainable space travel.

From Falcon 1 to the Dragon capsule

In a milestone, SpaceX launched its first crewed flight in a Dragon capsule on May 30, 2020. Astronauts Doug Hurley and Robert Behnken were the first humans to travel into space in commercial spaceflight.

The company started with Flask 1, which made its first attempt at space in March 2006. However, it failed due to a fuel leak. Subsequently, he made two more unsuccessful attempts, in March 2007 and August 2008. However, in September 2008, he made his first successful attempt to send a liquid-fueled rocket into orbit. As a result, the commercial space flight company won a $ 1.5 billion contract with the National Aeronautics and Space and Space Administration (NASA).

The journey from Falcon 1 to Falcon 9 was a milestone for SpaceX. In December 2010, the company became the first commercial spaceflight company to successfully launch the Dragon capsule into orbit and bring it back to Earth. Interestingly, Falcon 9 was designed to be reusable. When the first rocket stage returned to Earth, it was reused in a 2017 relaunch. During this time, the company developed a Falcon Heavy Rocket, which performed its first test flight in space in 2018. It placed a Tesla in orbit around the Sun. Roadster with a mannequin in a spacesuit. The company now aims to bring down settlers on Mars by 2023.

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