Watch: Ukrainians hide in subway station underpass as Russian missiles hit Kyiv; sing songs

As Russian missiles continued to bombard major Ukrainian cities on Monday, several Ukrainian citizens took refuge in the underpass of Kyiv’s Nyvky metro station. A video shared by a user on Twitter shows several Ukrainians singing indigenous songs in unison.

“Russia we sing and stay strong no matter how hard you try to kill us. Kyiv metro station right now,” reads the caption of the post. The clip features a large crowd gathered inside the station People are seen singing Ukrainian songs together and recording the bittersweet moment with their mobile devices.

The video, which was captured by Anton Paliuta, has amassed over 34,000 views and several comments on the microblogging platform. Reacting to this, a Twitter user wrote: “Stay safe. You have our prayers and our love. From Belgium.” Another user added, “God bless you all, stay safe.”

Russia takes responsibility for recent airstrikes on Ukraine

The video surfaced hours after Russia launched several missiles to bombard key Ukrainian cities including Kyiv, Lviv and Dnipro in the early hours of Monday. Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken responsibility for the recent airstrikes and called them an act of retaliation after Saturday’s explosion at the Russian-built Crimean Bridge.

“This morning, at the suggestion of the Ministry of Defense and according to the plan of the Russian General Staff, a massive long-range high-precision air, sea and land-based weapon was launched against the Ukrainian energy, military command and communications facilities,” Putin admitted.

Warning Ukraine, the 70-year-old said: “Russia’s responses will be harsh and of a magnitude that will match the level of threats posed to us. No one should have any doubts about that.”

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