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Voices of the Year (VOTY) is a long-running BlogHer initiative where we celebrate incredible editors and creators who inspire us with their exceptional and exceptional work in publishing. Last year we launched our very first VOTY digital number and honored three editors in BlogHer Biz.

This year, we are honoring two publishers with VOTY awards for their significant contributions to the health and wellness publishing niche.

VOTY winners will receive their awards on the BlogHer Health Stage on May 20 in Los Angeles, where they can share their inspiring stories of how they built their brands.

Meet the BlogHer Health 2022 VOTY Spotlight Winners

Levi Chambers is the founder of Rainbow Media Co. which houses gayety.co and notable corporate accounts @Pride, @lgbtand @lgbtq. He has a decade of experience in LGBTQ+ media that spans digital, print, and streaming. He is also the founding publisher of Pride.com and host of the Pride Podcastwhich regularly welcomes 20,000 listeners per month.

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Danica Janae, founder of By Nica Lina & She’s out of town

Danica Janae is the founder of two premium brands By Nica Lina and She’s out of town. Through its publishing site By Nica Lina, she educates her audience on the topics of self-care and lifestyle and gives them the right inspiration to live their best life. She is also passionate about mentoring and has established She’s out of town – a marketing agency that helps content creators grow their brands.

These winners are part of the SHE Media Collectiveas well as part of our Meaningful Marketplace program.

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