University of Punjabi researchers want UGC grants released: The Tribune India

Patiala, December 24

Doctoral students from various universities do not regularly receive research grants. The University of Punjabi students here said many of them have not received the scholarships regularly over the past six months.

Balkar Singh, an academic at the University of Punjab, said they had raised the issue with university officials on several occasions. “We know of nearly 200 university students who do not regularly receive the scholarship. We raised the issue with university officials who assured us that they would speak to UGC officials in Delhi, ”he said.

Sandeep, another researcher at the University of Punjab, Chandigarh, said: “The grants are delayed for several months. Almost all students face problems. Indeed, the UGC scholarships are deposited directly from the UGC into the accounts of the students. Officials said, “Previously, UGC sent funds to universities which passed them on to students. Sometimes when the funds were not received at the right time, the university used to transfer the funds to the academics accounts from the pool. But now the funds are deposited directly into their accounts and we no longer have that previous option. “

The students stated that, being university researchers, their expenses are entirely dependent on the grant. “The lack of timely disbursement of funds also hampers our research work,” said one of the students. Dr BS Sandhu, Dean of Academics, Punjabi University, said he contacted the UGC in Delhi who said the funds had been blocked by the central government. “The case is under review,” he said.

Professor Arvind, VC of the University of Punjabi, said: “The students raised the issue with me today. We decided to write to the UGC. One of our officials will also be visiting the Delhi office and reporting. “

Meanwhile, the issue was also raised on the microblogging and social networking service Twitter. An account by the name of DeeptimayeeSen2 wrote: “We university researchers need regular scholarships to survive. We demand a swift disbursement of the scholarship and a proper system in place for it, ”and tagged the official Twitter accounts of the country’s finance minister, the country’s education minister and the PMO office. – TNS

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