UK interferes in Russian internal affairs by funding non-profit organizations – diplomat – Russian Politics & Diplomacy

MOSCOW, October 4. / TASS /. British funding of Russian nonprofits, which is envisioned by a British Embassy in Moscow work plan, can be seen as a deliberate strategy of meddling in Russia’s internal affairs, the door said on Monday. -speak of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

“Influencing a community of internal experts in an independent state through its funding, including through an embassy, ​​is direct evidence of interference in the domestic life and politics of a country,” she said. written on his Telegram channel. “Further. Harmless at first glance, but generously paid support for Russian nonprofits, information projects, etc. is nothing more than a deliberate strategy to influence our national processes in the process. interest of another State or of a group of States. “

According to Zakharova, the activities covered in the documents that have been made public violate the Vienna Convention on the Rights and Duties of Foreign Diplomatic Missions. “The rights and duties of foreign diplomatic missions throughout the world are written down on paper in the corresponding Vienna Convention of 1961. The activities of the British Foreign Office and the British Embassy in Russia, if what is written in them published documents is true, flagrantly violate the provisions of this document, ”she stressed.

She drew attention to the fact that the first to respond to Russia’s request for explanations regarding the documents released on the large-scale interference in Russian internal affairs was not the British Embassy in Moscow but Sergey Parkhimenko, senior advisor at the Kennan Institute based in Washington. , who asked why goals such as stimulating human rights activism, supporting the LGBT community, developing a network of freelance journalists and bloggers or introducing British culture are interpreted as a interference in internal affairs or hostile propaganda.

However, on its own terms, Western nations do not tolerate such actions by other states in their territories. “Neither Britain nor the United States nor the European Union allows anything of the sort. It’s first. -political space? – is simple: this country has declared Russia as a threat to its security and is implementing NATO’s strategic plans with regard to Russia as a hostile state, “added the Russian diplomat.

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