Twitter starts rolling out caption button on Android and iPhone

End of last year Twitter rolled out support for closed captions on its platform. In April this year, the microblogging site began testing the captioning toggle with a number of iPhone users. Now, the company has finally announced that it’s rolling out the caption toggle for its video player to everyone on iOS and Android.
The Verge reported that the new caption toggle is now available to anyone using the latest version of the Twitter app on their Android and iOS smartphones. It’s important to note that the feature has been available on the Twitter web for quite some time now.
As for the new subtitle toggle, it automatically appears in the upper right corner if a video contains subtitles. Users can simply tap on the “CC” icon to toggle captions on or off for that particular video, just like it happens on YouTube.
Although this is not a new feature, other video platforms have been offering subtitles for quite some time now and some even offer automated subtitles where the platform automatically generates subtitles. -titles even if the video does not contain native subtitles.
Twitter spokesperson Shaokyi Amdo confirmed to The Verge that the caption button on Twitter only appears when someone uploads a video with a caption. It does not support automated captioning system.
Meanwhile, Twitter recently started testing a new feature that lets users share notes of up to 2,500 words on the platform. The microblogging site is currently running the test with selected users for two months in Canada, Ghana, the United Kingdom and the United States.


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