Try not to throw each other out: KWAM 1’s Bestie hints that a new wife might not be his last as he advises the singer on IG News from Nigeria

  • KWAM 1 friend called Bolaji Basia took to his Instagram page to congratulate the fuji singer on his wedding
  • Bolaji also lamented his inability to come for the wedding, adding that he could attend the christening ceremony when they welcome a child.
  • KWAM 1’s friend then rained abundance and good health prayers on the singer and his new beautiful wife

Bolaji Basia, a close friend of the fuji singer KWAM 1 advised him to make sure that he does not dump his new wife Emmanuella for another woman. The singer’s friend said this while congratulating him on his new marriage online.

He said:

“As far as I want to wish that your new wife was the last, but deep down I know that might not be possible, but, please try not to throw the one for the other because you are so blessed to have as many as you want … “

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KWAM 1's friend and singer with his wife
KWAM 1’s friend advises him on social media. Photos: @bolajibasia
Source: Instagram

Bolaji then prayed for “maximum patience and endurance” for KWAM 1’s wife, adding that the Lord would grant the couple wisdom to manage their home as they grow older.

Read Bolaji’s full article below:

Nigerians react

While some Nigerians praised his post, others criticized him saying the advice was not meant to be read by the public.


“God bless you, you are so direct and real.”


“I don’t think this is the place to say it. That kind of advice. It should be a personal thing! You just gave people and the blog something to run around! Good advice, wrong way to deliver it!”


“You are the best my dear brother.”


“Well spoken … Thank you for being REALISTIC.”


“You just said what a lot of people think… why throw one away for another lay person.”


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“Why do I think this is too much for Grandpa! This should be like a private chat between you and your friend (it doesn’t matter if he’s stubborn). It’s like washing dirty laundry from the friend you claim to be loyal to. If bloggers are going this route, you shouldn’t! SOME THINGS ARE NOT FOR THE GRAM !!! “


“You are a good friend, you said it all.”


“I love your speech sir. Àgbà yin a dálè sir.”


“Buoda Bolaji, I want to hug you.”

Emmanuella Ropo publicly declares her love for KWAM 1

Fuji musician KWAM1 and his latest wife Emmanuella Ropo made Nigerians gush on social media.

Emmanuella revealed how the singer broke her notion of him and replaced them with something more beautiful.

KWAM 1 responded with a video of him greeting Ropo on stage and the Nigerians reminded the singer how he sang the praises of the woman before Emmanuella.


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