Top NFT artists and a couple of travel blogging pioneers join the core design team of Greedy Gramps! – CryptoMode

Active on Instagram since early 2015, Aggie ( and Jacob ( can literally be considered the “first movers” in the travel social media space. Both internationally renowned travel bloggers have actually been successful entrepreneurs for almost the same time. Looking to the future of NFT development, Aggie and Jacob endorse the Gramps’ vision of a next-level NFT utility.

Apart from their success as travel bloggers and social media influencers, the couple have also been successful in the fields of entrepreneurship and creative arts. While Aggie is one of the most popular TV hosts in Poland and in addition to running an international sustainable clothing brand, Jacob is one of the highest paid photographers on super rarea highly acclaimed curated NFT marketplace.

The pair join the Greedy Gramps by contributing to the global Gramps idea pool and writing traits for lead designer Kumart. Chances are that by owning an exclusive Greedy Gramps NFT, they might even have a super rare trait inspired by Jacob or Aggie.

„Greedy Gramps’ artwork is amazing. I am convinced that in addition, the unique utility combined with the integrated support for charitable and sustainability programs is a real game-changer in the NFT space.


What sets the Gramps apart from all other NFT projects is an iconic artwork, partly designed by internationally renowned celebrities, and an “NFT-for-access” approach that gives NFT holders access exclusive to dozens of perks and perks such as crypto investment seed rounds, free hotel accommodations and concierge services, backstage and VIP tickets to concerts and events, fashion shows and more others. At the same time, there will be funding for charity and sustainability projects with every NFT that is minted.

Greedy Gramps presale goes live February 20and with a whitelist and a public strike phase on February 22n/a. To participate in the presale or whitelist sale, visit the Discord channel.

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