This three-ingredient Biscoff cookie recipe goes viral

Adding this to the list as we speak.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but the Lotus Biscoff spread is having an absolute time right now.

Amateur chefs spruce up their food and drinks with the delicious cookie spread, and it turns out to be an absolute culinary game changer.

From Martinis espresso to iced coffees to fried chicken, food bloggers are infusing Biscoff into a whole range of recipes, but TikTok’s latest offering may be the most delicious yet.

TikTok user @fitwaffle shared his Biscoff cookie recipe, which only requires three ingredients. On top of that, they can be cooked quickly in the microwave, the ultimate hack for lazy chefs.

In his now viral video, FitWaffle breaks it down.

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Fly away – tones and me

To start, she puts 100g of Biscoff spread in a glass bowl before adding 60g of heat-treated simple flour and three tablespoons of milk.

Then she mixes her ingredients until they form a paste.

Once the dough is done, she separates it into five small balls. She then uses her finger to indent each cookie and adds a cookie scoop spread out on top.

Finally, she puts them in the microwave on a greased plate over high heat for a minute, and boom the cookies are ready.

No eggs, no mess, no oven – what more could you ask for?

If Biscoff isn’t really your thing, but you still want to jump into the 3-ingredient cookie game, then FitWaffle has you sorted.

His TikTok channel is full of simple, straightforward recipes with very few ingredients. In a video she shared last week, for example, she made three-ingredient Nutella cookies and, with over 4 million views, they’ve been a treat with her viewers.

In another video, she shares her recipe for a super moist, single-serve, five-ingredient Oreo cake – definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of comfort food!

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