The “Swadeshi” platform receives 3,767 complaints

He has received reports against more than 3,767 “Koos”, what the platform calls its version of the tweets.

He deleted 527 ‘Koos’ and took action against 3,420 other posts

Koo also received 276 spam reports, of which he blocked 43 messages and took further action against 215 messages.

Swadeshi (locally made) Twitter alternative Koo has released its sixth compliance report since the news IT rules entered into force in May of last year. The microblogging platform has received complaints against more than 3,767 “Koos,” what the platform calls its version of the tweets.

Founded by Aprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawatka in 2020, Koo is a microblogging platform available in eight Indian languages, including Hindi, Kannada, Marathi and others. Twitter, on the other hand, already supports seven Indian languages.

Supported by Tiger Global, Blume Ventures, Mirae Asset Management, 3One4 Capital, Accel and others, the social media platform is currently valued at over $ 100 million. It currently has more than 15 million users, of which 5 million were added in the second quarter of FY22. It has also reportedly ventured into the Nigerian market and plans to expand into Southeast Asia as well.

Its parent company, Bombinate Technologies, also operates the Indian language Q&A platform. Vokal.

The number of 3,767 complaints Koo has received now is a big increase from the previous months. As he deleted over 1,977 posts in October: -1,203 based on user content reports and 687 based on proactive moderation.

According to Koo’s December 2021 compliance report, out of all the complaints he received, he deleted 527 and took other action such as jamming the specific post etc. against 3,420 other posts.

The social media platform also has a proactive content moderation system that reported over 3,620 posts, of which 89 were deleted and action was taken against 3,531 other posts.

Koo also received spam reports against 276 messages, including 43 blocked messages and took further action against 215 messages. Its proactive spam moderation system, on the other hand, was much more active with over 6,096 posts.

But only a few of those posts have been blocked, only six, while more than 1,394 posts have been the subject of some other form of action against them.

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