“The Suicide Squad” Debut at $ 26.5 Million

Despite the opening with rave reviews, James Gunn and Warner Bros. ‘ The suicide squad debuted with just $ 26.5 million at the box office out of a total of 4,002 North American theaters.

Although it has surpassed the domestic box office, reports say the disappointing number could be due to a mix of growing public concern over the Delta COVID-19 variant, the film’s premiere on HBO Max at no extra cost to subscribers, and its R rating. Analysts were initially expecting The suicide squad do better because of its excellent reviews and target audience of younger men, who “were some of the most loyal moviegoers during the pandemic.” Variety adds that the lack of big names in the cast (with Margot Robbie and Viola Davis named as the only A-listers) could also be a determining factor.

“Right now it’s a cutthroat market,” said David A. Gross of Franchise Entertainment Research. “Under normal conditions, a strong marketing campaign can overcome a few drawbacks and generate a good weekend. Under current conditions, this does not happen.

Meanwhile, David Ayer Suicide Squad, which received bad reviews, opened with US $ 133 million and ended with US $ 746 million in global profits. The director recently criticized his film’s studio cut and praised Gunn’s latest effort.

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