‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s key tip when cooking for the kids: ‘Have fun’

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Food Network’s star Ree Drummond The pioneer woman, practiced a lot of cooking for children. Before becoming one of the cable channel’s most recognizable faces, Drummond was a blogger and mother, caring for and feeding her four children. Although her life changed dramatically during those early days, Drummond continues to use the tips and tricks she developed when it came to preparing food for her large brood. Here are some of his most successful tips.

Ree Drummond now cooks for five children and their loved ones

Since her early years at the Drummond Ranch, Ree’s life has changed dramatically.

She raised four children alongside her husband: Alex, Paige, Bryce and Todd.

As the kids got older, Drummond started filming her pioneer woman series for the Food Network.

Along with this was a series of cookbooks, children’s books and two autobiographies and a magazine. In Pawhuska, OK, she and Ladd own The Mercantile, Charlie’s Sweet Shop, P-Town Pizza, and The Boarding House.

However, her role that gives her the most satisfaction is being the mother of her offspring, which now includes adopted son Jamar, son-in-law Mauricio Scott and Paige Drummond’s boyfriend, Mitchell Adams.

‘Have fun’ when it comes to cooking for the kids, says Ree Drummond

Although it seems that Drummond’s life is even busier than ever, she maintains that she still enjoys quiet nights at the ranch with Ladd and her children.

Alex lives in Texas with Mauricio and after graduating from college Paige moved there as well.

However, they often visit their parents to help out on the ranch and to film episodes of The pioneer woman.

Drummond says she still cooks the same way she did when her kids were little and everyone had different tastes.

In an interview with Parade Magazine, the celebrity chef revealed that ease and adaptability are key. And above all, have fun.”

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned in a family of four, it’s that no one likes a dish exactly the same,” she shared.

“I might make chicken quesadillas for dinner one night, and Alex just wants cheese – no chicken – but she wants green chilies in it. Bryce will take it with the chicken and cheese, and he will put salsa in the quesadilla. While Paige will want to sauté some onions,” Drummond explained.

She continued, “Everyone is as married to their own way of eating as I am. So I think less about making things that fit the needs of everyone in the family and focus more on enjoying the dishes and presenting them in DIY form, which means different bowls of optional ingredients or toppings where everyone can personalize things themselves.

‘The Pioneer Woman’ star never imagined how her life would end

In an interview for Entertainment tonight, Drummond was touched by all of her successes.

“Honestly, I started out as a blogger and just wrote funny stories about my kids,” she explained. “Then I started sharing recipes, which turned into a cookbook a few years later. And that led to a Food Network pilot project.

Drummond continued. “If you had told me the day I started blogging that this would result, I would have laughed, I would have rolled my eyes. I enjoyed every step of the process.

The pioneer woman airs Saturdays at 10 a.m. EST on the Food Network.

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