The city vaccinates 100% of the eligible population

The Southern Command, headquartered in Pune, would be an ideal theater where a joint command could be set up, General Bipin Rawat said in 2016, while leading the Southern Command.

General Rawat, who helped lay the foundation for Joint Theater Commands in India as the country’s first Chief of Defense Staff, served as the Commander-in-Chief General Officer of South Command, headquartered in Pune, between January 1 and July 31, 2016. During an exchange of ideas with The Indian Express in April 2016, General Rawat spoke at length about the integration of the three services, the links with China, the role of women in the armed forces and military-media relations.

A co-director of the state health department has been arrested by Pune City Police as part of the ongoing investigation into the leak of the department’s recruiting exam paper. Police identified the officer as Mahesh Botle, co-director of a state health department office in Mumbai.

An officer from the Pune City Police Cybercrime Cell said Botle would be taken into custody in the issue paper leak case.

Maharashtra’s cabinet will in all likelihood suggest postponing elections to 23 state municipal corporations at its weekly meeting on Wednesday, sources said. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, who underwent surgery last month, is expected to chair the meeting.

The demand to postpone the elections was made by parties like Congress and the NCP, after the Supreme Court suspended the CBO’s reservation in Maharashtra’s local elections.

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