Terrorists resort to targeted assassinations in Jammu and Kashmir, RSS chief says

His statement follows the killing of at least seven civilians in Jammu and Kashmir by militants in just five days earlier this month. Of those killed, four were from minority communities and six of the deaths were reported in Srinagar.

Speaking of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, Bhagwat said their predisposition “to passionate fanaticism, tyranny and terrorism in the name of Islam” is enough for everyone to apprehend them.

But now China, Pakistan and Turkey have merged into an “unholy coalition” with the Taliban, he said.

“We cannot withdraw in complacency. Our military border preparation must be alert and solid in all respects and at all times,” he said.

In such a situation, the internal security and stability of the country must be ensured by the government and the society with prudence and vigilance, he added.

Bhagwat said efforts to achieve self-sufficiency in defense and security and keep abreast of emerging concerns like cybersecurity need to be stepped up.

“We should be self-sufficient at the earliest when it comes to areas like security,” he said.

On OTT platforms, Bhagwat said in the context of the pandemic, online education must be introduced. In general, children in school are addicted to cell phones.

“In the absence of prudence and a regulatory framework, it will become difficult to predict how and to what extent this emerging phenomenon of contact with just and unfair means will sweep our society,” he said.

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