Targeted MNI media survey reveals importance of marketers

STAMFORD, Connecticut, October 7, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – MNI Targeted Media (INM), a targeted media planning and buying company and a division of Meredith Corporation, today announced the results of a survey of marketers regarding the sources they rely on for business purposes. The survey found that a majority preferred social media over traditional media and prominent people with established digital presence.

MNI’s goal with this survey was to learn which resources are influential and trustworthy among their clients and to leverage that information. This will help MNI to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns while having a better understanding of their ideal target audience – which media is engaging and influencing them. The main findings include –

  • Social networks for commercial purposes: – 50% (220 respondents out of 401) – rely first on Facebook, then on Instagram and YouTube (26%) in third position.
  • Traditional media fare better against individuals: Adweek (11%), eMarketer (10%) and AdAge (8%) (120 total out of 401 respondents) were more likely to be viewed than social media or individual influencers when asked about their engagement with all sources together.
  • Globally: Comparing all sources, Facebook (55%), YouTube (26%) and Twitter (25%) immediately followed LinkedIn (75%). The clubhouse has only accumulated 5% despite much attention at the start of the pandemic.

“Understanding what the leading marketers among MNI clients are using is very important to us and this information elevates campaigns while improving communication to speak more directly about the challenges our clients face and the solutions we offer,” said Klarn DePalma, executive vice president of MNI Targeted Media. “These results indicate a shift in the direction marketers are looking for information. We plan to revisit this issue in the not-so-distant future to ensure that we keep pace with changing behavior.

For more information on the survey, please visit the MNI website here.

Methodology: MNI Targeted Media invited its partners to participate in the survey by email from March 11 to 14, 2021. 401 responses were collected over a three-week period in March 2021. Anyone invited to participate in the survey is a current customer who is either employed in advertising / media industry or influencer / decision maker for media campaigns.

About INM Targeted Media

MNI Targeted Media (MNI) is a division of Meredith Corporation (NYSE: MDP;, the leading media and marketing company serving 175 million unemployed American women and 80 percent of millennial women in the United States. MNI offers targeted digital and print advertising programs and provides its clients with a single point of contact for cross-platform, personalized, demo and geo-targeted advertising. From research and strategy to implementation and analysis, MNI provides the digital and magazine products and services needed to effectively and efficiently reach audiences, across the country or across the street. .

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