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The importance of mother tongue expression on the internet in a linguistically diverse country like India cannot be overstated.

One of the distinct characteristics of Indians is that they like things of excellent quality but affordable. If we look at the social media landscape in India over the past 15 years, it has undergone a drastic change. There are many platforms that have gained their momentum by offering unique features, while others have died out. The emergence of ‘Koo’ over the past couple of years has been significant as it is the first multilingual micro-blogging platform in India. A country as diverse as India needs a platform that encompasses different languages. In a short time, ‘Koo’ has made great strides in offering a host of fantastic features to its users. It is important to know them:

“Speak to type” function

The “Speak to type” feature of “Koo” is spectacular as it allows users to post their opinions without typing. In a ‘Koo’ application, if you click on the ‘new message’ tab, there is a button represented by an individual speaking logo. If you click on it, you can just say what you want to post, and the words are automatically typed on the screen. All of this can be done without using a keyboard. This facility is available in 10 Indian languages, and the aim is to enable people to express themselves in the language of their choice.

It is important to note that ‘Koo’ is the first social media platform in the world to use the ‘Talk to Type’ function, also in 10 different languages. This is convenient for millions of users who are more comfortable speaking the language of their respective regions. Some users don’t like typing very much, this feature allows them to express themselves as they wish.[bearingtonotethat’Koo’isthefirstsocialmediaplatformintheworldwhichisusing’TalktoType’featurethatalsoin10differentlanguagesThiscomesinhandyformillionsofuserswhoaremorecomfortableexpressingthemselvesinthelanguageoftheirrespectiveregionsSomeusersarenotverykeentotypethisfeatureempowersthemtoexpressthemselvesthewaytheywant[portanttonotethat‘Koo’isthefirstsocialmediaplatformintheworldwhichisusing‘TalktoType’featurethatalsoin10differentlanguagesThiscomesinhandyformillionsofuserswhoaremorecomfortableexpressingthemselvesinthelanguageoftheirrespectiveregionsSomeusersarenotverykeentotypethisfeatureempowersthemtoexpressthemselvesthewaytheywant

‘Multilingual Koo (MLK)’ function

Although ‘Koo’ allows people to post their thoughts in the language of their choice, it is also important to convey a good thought expressed in one language to people and communities in other languages. Keeping that in mind, ‘Koo’ unveiled their MLK feature. This feature translates the message displayed in any language to 9 other languages. The remarkable point is that the translation retains the basic sentiments expressed in the original language. This increases the reach of people who express their thoughts in the language of their choice, but through translation their message reaches those who prefer other languages.

Koo is the first social media platform in the world to offer this unique feature to its users.

‘Live Video’

The “Live Video” feature of the “Koo” app allows users to record and create short videos anywhere and connect directly with their followers. Users can send heartfelt messages through videos as the visuals reinforce the impact of their message.

‘Exclusive KB’

The “exclusive” feature of “Koo” gives users the ability to highlight it. However, they (the users) should ensure that the content they post under the “exclusive” tab has not been previously shared on any social media platform. The “exclusive” tab symbolizes that the content shared under it is not only original but also has not been published on any other platform. This helps them gain more traction and subscribers because people love original content.

“Personal Talk”

Another crackerjack feature of ‘Koo’ is that it allows chatting between users and their followers. The great part is that this chat is private. To initiate the chat, subscribers must request user permission. When the user gives their consent in the message box, they can start chatting. If a user does not want to interact with a follower or an unknown person, they can reject the chat request. This ensures that users have the choice to decide who they want to interact with.

‘Direct trend message’

This is another distinct feature of the amazing ‘Koo’ app. This is used to post a message on a hashtag which is trending on the app. To use this feature, users need to click on the “+” button which is available in front of all trending hashtags. After choosing the hashtag and clicking on the ‘+’ button, users can post the message, related to the hashtag, in the language of their choice without worrying about the translation

‘Main subject’

The ‘Subject’ section of ‘Koo’ is completely different and superb. It will not be an exaggeration to say that ‘Topic’ is the top section of ‘Koo’. The ‘Subject’ icon is at the top of the ‘Koo’ homepage. By clicking on it, users can see all the current top topics and they also have the option to follow any of them. All topics that generate discussion about ‘Koo’ among users can be found in this section. If a user scrolls down, they can also see topic categories. Everything discussed during the day can be seen here.

‘Single like button’

Each post on this multilingual platform has a unique “Like” button. Unlike other social platforms, this “Like” button flashes and is more pronounced. The reason behind this is to grab the attention of new users and also to increase post engagement. When users like a particular post, it gets more traction and more attention.

‘Dark theme’

To use the “Dark Theme” feature, users need to click on the profile picture on the top left of the app. After that, they need to click on “Settings” and then the third option in the drop-down menu is “Theme”. Here users can choose from Dark, Light or System themes. The “Dark” theme option makes the background dark and the text white. This improves user concentration and is also relaxing for the eyes. The battery consumption of the phone also decreases if the “Dark” theme is chosen.


The app also offers users a “chat room” option. This option is visible if you scroll down on the app’s home page. If a user chooses this option, all hot topics currently being discussed emerge in front of him. Then a user can discuss or share their views on the topic with other users. The great thing about this feature is that users can discuss their favorite topics with other users.

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