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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Many, especially young people, fall in love with YouTubers who promote original concepts and even encourage violations of the law. While a lot of vloggers do great content, the few newbies blurred the scene.

Police and mental health experts urge parents and teachers to help their children never become slaves to those people who control their lives from a distance

In an age when social media has a greater influence on people, one group that takes advantage of this opportunity is YouTubers, also known as “social media influencers”. Reason: People, especially young people, are too obsessed with these “vloggers”, whether they are vlogging about lifestyle, travel, or food. The danger is that these vloggers sometimes perpetuate negative influences among people. However, not all of them post negative content and many of them create good stuff in their video channels for the good and health of people.

Recently two vloggers with their YouTube channel named “E bull jet” made headlines due to the law violations committed through their videos. Although the police and the motor vehicle department have taken them into custody and punished them for breaking the law, their large numbers of fans and followers have been all the rage on social media to “save” them.

Vlogging has become a way of life now. Taking inspiration from many professional vloggers who have made good income from their YouTube channels through paid advertising revenue and promotional activities, many regular people have started their own YouTube channels in the past couple of years. The more subscribers you have, the more people will click on your ads. The more people click on your ads, the more you make a name for yourself and the more likely it is that brands will offer you sponsorship or merchandise offers. The better known your channel, the more likely you are to join a multi-channel network.

It’s like being on a giant spiral. If a YouTuber manages to hit a minimum of one lakh of subscribers, there will also be rewards from YouTube. Police say they will take action against YouTubers if they do anything illegally through their video channels. “We will certainly take action if there is anything illegal about their content, or encouraging violence, or disrupting harmony or if their content results in some form of crime,” said DIG (South Zone) K Sanjay Kumar Gurudin.

He pointed out that kids these days are more influenced by YouTubers than celebrities because they are easier to understand. “As young people spend more time on social media and interact with them frequently, they feel connected and are also promoting what the YouTuber is saying. Some vloggers don’t mention whether the content they’ve created is sponsored or not. They promote products for money and cheat on young people. A few influencers also create paid content with a direct interest. Since kids don’t know this is paid content, they’re likely to believe it and can be influenced, ”Gurudin said.

He also added that social media influencers should be socially responsible. “They should avoid doing things that have the potential to negatively influence people. Parents and teachers also have a responsibility to educate their children about the positive and negative impact of social media celebrities on their daily lives, and to make them understand what is real, ”said Gurudin.

According to Arun B Nair, psychiatrist at Medical College Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram, prominent social media influencers on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook often challenge stereotypes in mainstream society and gain enormous attention from young people. “Many of their statements and positions may contrast strongly with the puritanical and authoritarian concepts of society and, therefore, be of great interest to adolescents.

This leads to a consolidation of the younger generation as “fans” or “followers” ​​of these influencers, desperate for them, even when there is a conflict with the law. A “mass hysteria” that can be equated to that created by rockstars a generation ago can be seen in the kind of adoration young people have towards social media influencers. Clear education on ‘healthy and unhealthy choices in life’ and ‘social intelligence’ should be provided to students from the early days of school itself, in a participatory format such as’ life skills education. life, “to keep them from blindly falling in love with these people,” he said.

On the flip side, there are a lot of influencers on social media who promote positive things like travel and food vlogs, body positivity, financial awareness, and ethical values. Sujith Bhakthan, a popular vlogger who has a channel called “Tech Travel Eat” which has over a million subscribers, said that the legal violations by some vloggers have affected in one way or another the popularity of YouTube channels in the state.

“It’s a negative trend that some vloggers are trying to break the laws on their channels to get more followers and ‘likes’. This is totally unprofessional behavior and there has been an increase in YouTube channels over the past two years. People have a psychology that they like those who break the laws. Nowadays, many people have made YouTube channels and it has become a way of life. I am a professional vlogger and started it when there were only a few vloggers in the state. People have to choose who to subscribe to or not, ”he said.

Recently, two vloggers from the “E bull jet” YouTube channel made headlines due to legal violations committed through their videos. Although the police and the Department of Motor Vehicles have taken them into custody, their fans and followers have been all the rage on social media to “save” them.

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Many professional vloggers have made good income from their YouTube channels through paid advertisements and promotional activities.
Many ordinary people have launched their own channels in the past two years
With more subscribers, more people will click on your ads and people will be able to make a name for themselves.
If a YouTuber manages to reach at least a lakh of subscribers, there will be rewards from YouTube as well.

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