Stephen A. Smith’s rant on the Slam Dunk Contest (“a national atrocity”) was art

Do you remember when the Slam Dunk Contest during NBA All-Star Weekend was an event? Something that drew casual bucket-load fans and awed viewers?

This is really no longer the case. The Dunk Contest has become a butt of mockery and scorn from fans, and on Monday morning a member of the media jumped into the fray.

On the first take, Stephen A. Smith shredded the dunk contest, calling it “the worst slam dunk contest in basketball history” and “a national atrocity”, among other comments.

Here is the full video. I’m usually not even close to the target audience for Smith’s commentary, but I feel like this segment is an actor’s job.

A few other highlights from the segment, which seemed to completely break Molly Qerim Rose and Kendrick Perkins…

  • “I’m glad a Knick won something. We actually had a New York Knick that won something”
  • “It was so bad it was one of the few times I think we should actually be hiding a trophy”
  • “It was a national disgrace”
  • “I am 54 years old. I fight, Kendrick Perkins, with knee problems, and guess what? I could have missed so many dunks. You didn’t do anything that I couldn’t do”
  • “I literally left and went outside in the cold and said ‘I’m done with this'”

Theatrical? Yeah. On top? Sure. Entertaining? You better believe it.

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