Social Media Giant Lena The Plug Says She Was Declared ‘Too Hot For Daycare’ By Jealous Moms – OutKick

Ladies, are we really going to start over? Enough of this nonsense where you give OnlyFans stars “death stares” at daycare or kick kids off sports teams because mom has an OnlyFans career.

The latest drama surrounds OnlyFans adult star/podcaster/host Lena Nersesian, who goes by Lena the Plug on all your favorite adult channels. The 31-year-old mum tells other mums at the daycare center her child attends said she was “too hot for daycare” and totally disapproved of her career.

“I think some of these mothers think I’m going to strip down and start having sex with their husbands right away if they don’t watch my every move,” Nersesian said in an interview with “In their minds, I’m some kind of perverted sex beast who wants to sleep with anything that moves.”

Lena promises that she’s just a typical mom who makes a few bucks posting content. Other moms have nothing to fear.

“I’m not a home wrecker; I am a successful blogger, entrepreneur and businesswoman who built her brand from scratch,” Nersesian added. “My fiancé is just as successful and we have respect for ourselves and each other, no matter what some people may think.”

Lena – 1.6 million YouTube fans, over 700,000 Instagram fans, 2.8 million TikTok fans – says she has better things to do like cook dinner, go on day trips and go to the movies and your husbands are not on that list.

And let me tell you, since I’m a Big J blogger who investigates this stuff, I can assure you that Lena the Plug does most of her work with the fiancé and other women who dabble in porn. She’s a busy woman looking to earn money and taking time out of her busy day to get into bed with your husband isn’t on the to-do list.

And if you have a problem with his lifestyle in general, so be it. It’s paying the bills.

“It may not be to everyone’s taste, but I love it and it makes me feel sexy and fulfilled. It also puts a roof over my family and food on the table,” a- she told Jam Prime, “If that’s not freedom and progression for women, then I don’t know what is.”

I have news for Lena, things won’t get better when she starts going through school queues. If she thinks the daycare drama is ridiculous, wait until she gets called out to the community’s Facebook page for not getting in line fast enough. She’s in shock when the SUVs start honking because she doesn’t make a NASCAR-style pit stop fast enough.

Talk about drama. Fasten your seatbelt, Lena. I could write a book about being scolded for not knowing about the queue and I’m just a big blogger from Ohio. Angry moms will gang up on Lena in about 3-4 years. I will be back here to blog about this drama.

Count on it.

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