Snapchat Plus: how to get a FREE trial to take advantage of its exclusive features

Snapchat Plus free trial allows its users to try out its exclusive features without having to spend any money.

And the process is quite simple.

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Snapchat More

Snapchat recently launched its premium subscription service, Snapchat Plus, requiring users to pay a monthly or yearly fee to get their hands on certain “exclusive features”.

Social networks and messaging platforms started adopting the subscription model, which is how Netflix became the biggest streaming service.

The microblogging service, Twitter, which is facing an impending takeover from Elon Musk, already has its subscription plan, the Twitter Blue, offering its users functions like the highly anticipated “Undo Tweet”.

Besides Twitter, privacy-focused messaging app Telegram has also announced its premium subscription service. And this time, Snap is joining the bandwagon.

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According to a report from, the Snapchat Plus service charges its users a monthly fee of $3.99 or $39.99 per year for certain exclusive features.

Snapchat Plus offers include some features that are still in the experimental stage and may see the light of day for its free version, while other features will remain exclusive to paid subscribers.

Snapchat Plus Exclusive Features

One of the exclusive features allows Snapchat users to check who has viewed their stories more than once.

The whole thing wouldn’t be complete without a bunch of fancy icons and themes that free users miss.

Not to mention that Snap also introduces some sort of creepy feature. “Ghost Trails” allows subscribers to follow the path of other users via Snap Map, but only if they voluntarily share their location.

Snap made the new subscription service official in its blog post on June 19.

The social media platform wrote, “Today we start rolling out Snapchat+, a collection of exclusive, experimental and pre-release features available on Snapchat for $3.99/month.”

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Snapchat Plus Free Trial

The best part about subscription services is that they usually come as a free trial. However, its duration varies. Some last up to six months, while others only have a seven-day test.

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According to a recent report from Screen Rant, Snapchat is joining the seven-day trial club with its premium Plus service, allowing its users to try it out for a week at no cost.

To do this, go directly to your Snapchat profile page. Next, select the Snapchat Plus banner. And from there, choose the seven-day free trial option.

It’s worth noting that Snap would automatically charge free trial users $3.99 after one week, but they have the option to cancel it manually.

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