Shopee Mall: turning end-of-year festivities into a win-win for brands and consumers

If you’ve ever found yourself captivated by the endless product options at Shopee Mall, you’re not alone.

With over 30,000 brands in many categories, Shopee Mall has grown into one of the region’s premier online shopping centers for everything from home and life items to premium labels.

Since its launch five years ago, the online platform has been a hit with buyers, no doubt thanks to its three guarantees: 100% authentic products, free returns and free delivery.

Last year, the platform saw three times as many orders on Shopee Mall during its year-end shopping campaign and nearly three times the growth in traffic. Growing demand for digital luxury shopping has also led to the launch of Shopee Premium, which is now home to high-end fashion and beauty brands like Furla, MCM and Sulwhasoo.

Shopee puts the needs of users at the heart of everything they do, said Ian Ho, regional general manager of Shopee.

Mr. Ian Ho, Regional General Manager of Shopee, explained that Shopee Mall is propelling a new future for brands and e-commerce in the region. By leveraging improved marketing and data tools, the platform can better serve existing customers and capture growth with new ones.

He said: “Shopee continues to stay one step ahead by putting users needs at the heart of everything we do. Our survey tells us that 75% of shoppers plan to spend more during year-end shopping. However, only 45% of shoppers know which brands to buy during these seasonal shopping times. To help brands seize these opportunities, Shopee works closely with brands to reach, engage and influence shoppers on their online shopping journey to convert them into lifelong customers.


In addition, Shopee Mall allows a social and entertaining experience. Shoppers can discover and interact with brands through basic entertainment features like in-app games and Shopee Live, where they can learn about the latest trends and products.

“We understand that our customers are always looking for valuable offers and want to earn more rewards by purchasing, eespecially during our end-of-year shopping mega campaigns,“Mr. Ho share.

To meet customer preferences, Shopee Mall brand memberships have been developed to allow shoppers to earn rewards and accumulate vouchers to maximize their savings when shopping at official brands stores. With these brand memberships, brands can go beyond discounts to build loyalty and deepen customer relationships.

Shopee has also invested in the development of advanced digital tools to create more immersive shopping experiences. which are exclusive to Shopee Mall. For example, his BeautyCam is an augmented reality feature which allows buyers to virtually “try” cosmetic products to choose the product that best suits their skin tone. This helped to increase the number of product views resulting in higher sales conversion for beauty brands. such as L’Oreal Paris and Maybelline.

BeautyCam is Shopee’s augmented reality trial feature, developed in partnership with ModiFace.

Brands can take advantage of Shopee’s marketing solutions that help drive traffic to the app through its affiliate network of key opinion leaders, media, bloggers and cashback sites. This helps brands achieve a measurable ROI by growing their online presence.

It has paid off, with many popular consumer brands reaching many growth milestones. For example, HP, which has had an official store on Shopee Mall since 2017, saw a 270% year-over-year increase in orders during this year’s 9.9 Super Shopping. Day.

Mr. Ng Tian Chong, general manager for Greater Asia at HP, said that HP sees Shopee Mall as a growing part of its omnichannel strategy.

In addition to its popular laptops, HP sells office essentials such as printers, toners and inks on its Shopee page.

“Being on Shopee Mall has allowed HP to increase customer engagement and increase sales. We use Shopee’s engagement tools such as Shopee Live to reward shoppers and bring a new level of consumer-seller interaction through rewarding content and initiatives such as raffle and co-broadcast with customers. key opinion leaders and brand ambassadors, ”he explained.


In October of last year, Shopee launched Shopee Premium – an exclusive space featuring a selection of high-end fashion, beauty and lifestyle products from luxury brands.

Shopee Premium, accessible directly from the main Shopee home page, provides a space for brands to share stories and personalize content, producing an immersive experience that enables a deeper connection with their customers.

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