#SafeOnMichelin campaign trends on social networks

The #SafeOnMichelin campaign which aimed to highlight the correlation between road safety and tire quality has become more than just a success and we are all speechless.

Third Party Testing Wonders

The campaign included third-party tests for Michelin tires which concluded that Michelin tires have better life than other competitors, lower rolling resistance and better tread braking.

These points can be seen highlighted by YouTube reviewers during the #SafeOnMichelin campaign. About 85 YouTubers from the Automotive and Travel categories have been integrated. They produced dedicated videos on Michelin (brand and product experiences).

Another part of the campaign included Youtubers asking their viewers to guess the name of a mysterious city shown in their videos. To enter the contest, viewers had to tweet or comment on the name of the city using the hashtags #MichelinIndia and #SafeOnMichelin. This campaign included the 35 best YouTube vloggers from the automotive and travel industries to create buzz and engage the most users. He has also been promoted on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

Meet two of the best bloggers

Bunny Punia 65K subscribers reviewed Michelin tires in their video. The blogger explains that companies like Honda use Michelin for the tires of their high-end SUVs. According to him, this indicates that these tires are of premium quality. He spoke about the direct impact of tire quality on the amount of road noise. He mentioned that since Michelin tires are made of silica rubber, road noise is reduced to a great extent. Second, he explained that the grip of cars on the roads is influenced by the tires they use. Where he enjoyed the superior grip of Michelin tires.

The #SafeOnMichelin campaign, in this way, is marketing the unique selling points of tires. The Youtuber ensures to stress the fact that the tires must be of first quality to drive on roads and raised curves. The #SafeOnMichelin campaign aims to promote the safety factor provided by tires, which has been described in detail in this video. The blogger then went to the Michelin store in Grand Noida to understand the reception of the brand by customers. The Youtuber is delighted to reach the prime location and praises the store for its numerous parking spaces. At the store, the owner points out that users of Michelin tires don’t have to worry about maintenance because the tires are top notch.

The #SafeOnMichelin campaign brings the vitality of safe tires, especially on rough roads. In such cases, the tires will not be prone to skidding and will also absorb shock.

MONTY VLOGS channel with 2.47 million subscribers interviewed the owner of Indian Tire Company as part of the #SafeOnMichelin campaign. The owner confirmed that Michelin has superior technology that provides these tires with greater longevity compared to other competitors. The owner indicated that the life of Michelin tires is 25% longer than that of normal tires.

He cited examples indicating that due to the supreme quality of Michelin tires, he even had customers with Maruti 800 who installed Michelin tires and were able to drive 90,000 km with them. In line with the #SafeOnMichelin campaign, he said the Michelin tires stop efficiently without giving the car a shock.

Michelin’s efforts to emphasize the quality of tires for better safety seem to be bearing fruit. With over 71 million views, the #SafeOnMichelin campaign effectively annoys viewers to try out the brand’s tires for a better on-road experience.

Abhishek Joshi, digital marketing manager at Michelin, was also recently listed in 40 under 40 marketers and is the curator of a popular blog aimed at finding homes for stray dogs dogwithblog.

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