Reopening of schools in Maharashtra on October 4 announces Minister Varsha Gaikwad; Check SOPs


Reopening of schools in Maharashtra: In view of the sharp drop in COVID cases in the state, the government of Maharashtra has announced the reopening of schools from October 4, 2021. Maharashtra Minister of Education Varsha Gaikwad has confirmed the decision of the state government and also informed the procedure and ongoing preparations for the resumption of the school. Speaking to the microblogging platform, Gaikwad announced that the state’s education department has prepared a comprehensive standard operating procedure (SOP) with the help of health officials.

In accordance with state government guidelines, this time the schools will gradually reopen. For example, schools in rural areas will reopen for students in grades 5-12, and in urban areas, classes will resume for students in grades 8-12. “All schools in rural areas will resume physical classes for grades 5 to 12,” Gaikwad said. Schools in Maharashtra were not operating at full capacity, according to reports, as physical classes were only open for areas that reported fewer cases of COVID infection. However, given the imminent danger of the third wave, the state government did not allow the 1st to 7th standard in urban areas and 1st to 4th in rural areas.

“Although schools are reopening statewide, students are not required to take physical classes. Parents’ consent will be needed if they want to attend, ”Gaikwad said.

schools in Maharashtra reopen from October 4; Check SOPs

According to the Maharashtra Education Department, a survey was conducted to understand the views of parents. It was found that almost 70% of parents were in favor of returning to school statewide. Given the choice of parents and the losses suffered by students during lockdown, the state government has decided to take back schools issuing SOPs to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus among children. Below is the directive issued by the state government to reopen schools.

  • In accordance with the state government’s reopening measures, school students will be required to maintain social distancing within the classroom.
  • The school will operate with staggered hours.
  • Schools will have to set up dispensaries in the event of an emergency.
  • Adequate disinfection of classrooms and school premises.
  • Students will be required to follow a graduated entry system.
  • Wearing a mask inside the school premises is compulsory for everyone, as is regular hand washing.
  • Homework can be done online whenever possible to minimize physical contact.
  • Schools should formulate safe transportation plans for students, among other measures.

Image: PTI / @ Varshagaikwad


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