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Confidence, a love of reading, an understanding of changing industry trends, and familiarity with the target audience…these are some of the requirements for a successful career in publishing. Opportunities include positions in production, marketing and sales, writing and design, among others. Today, there is also a growing digital market thanks to the growing popularity of e-books. Here are some tips for those looking to enter this industry:


Aspirants must learn to think outside the box and develop material – whether non-fiction or fiction – that engages the reader. Creativity and innovation are key, and the first step to landing a job is a master’s degree in publishing from an accredited institution. Contrary to popular belief, English is not the preferred and ideal subject for a career in publishing, as there are many language publishers out there. An aspirant must be proficient in the language in which he wishes to work. The subject of one’s degree is usually irrelevant for most editing positions unless one works in a specialized field such as medicine, history, or art. In such cases, the specific degree will help employment chances.

Practical experience always helps a candidate stand out. So keep an eye out for platforms that offer training on traditional and digital publishing and keep up to date with the latest technologies and processes. Many publishing houses advertise internship opportunities on their websites and social media.


Positions vary by type of publishing, nature of department, and salary range. Therefore, do your research. Learn everything you can about the company, its competitors and its authors. You also need to know the broader aspects of the industry. For example, there are different fields in publishing like business or commerce, education, academic, fiction, professional (like law or finance), scientific, technical or medical (STM ). What is the right domain for you? Having an interest in the specific field will be important for progressing in the field.

The industry is extremely competitive and pay scales, exposure and the nature of work differ depending on the size of the company. But the positive side is that you work alongside experienced and passionate people from whom you can learn a lot.

The author is CEO, Oswaal Books

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