PS4 version, core content planned, more area before release


  • “Horizon Forbidden West” is set to be released on February 18.
  • Guerilla Games said fans can expect a plethora of in-game improvements over its predecessor.
  • New leaked images showing main game content are now live

“Horizon Forbidden West” is still a few weeks away from its official release, but a new round of leaks may have revealed the upcoming PlayStation 4 version of the game, its main content, and other details.

Multiple images of the supposed previous-gen version of ‘Horizon Forbidden West’, allegedly taken from a leaked PS4 copy, recently surfaced on the microblogging site Twitter. The veracity of the leak has been confirmed by several industry observers and gaming sites.

A gaming site claimed that aside from some “missing assets”, the leak featured all of the “main content”, which was supposed to be planned for the final copy or commercial release of the game. To further fuel the claims that the leak was genuine, some of the images were later removed from Twitter due to “a report from the copyright holder”.

New images of Horizon Forbidden West have been revealed at Sony’s State Of Play Photo: Guerrilla Games/PS Blog

The images first surfaced on Reddit and they had no description other than the claim that they had been leaked and “jailbreak-related”. Fortunately, it seems that the pirated version of the game is not in circulation.

Earlier, PlayStation exclusive game “The Last of Us 2” was also leaked ahead of its official release, spoiling the entire plot of the game. Many previously suspected that the leak was made by a disgruntled employee, but it turned out It turned out that hackers who gained access to the game developer’s servers got their hands on the nearly complete version of the game.

“Horizon Forbidden West” won’t be released until February 18th and while some fans are excited to get their hands on the game, others are opting to disable the title-related tags on their social media accounts so they don’t get spoiled. Sony previously announced that the game will be released on PS5 in June 2020 and confirmed its PlayStation 4 version in September 2020.

Guerilla Games, the studio behind the upcoming title, has assured fans of a number of significant game improvements over its predecessor. Along with Aloy having new tricks, fans can also see new tools and gadgets, a more open free climbing system, as well as an overhauled skill tree, to name a few.

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