Preview of Four Seasons’ new creative brand

Just a month ago, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts unveiled a comprehensive relaunch of the creative brand built around the tagline “Luxury is our love language.” Designed to celebrate the hotel company’s unique definition of luxury, the rebranding was accompanied by a series of campaign videos – what the brand calls “real-stay-based” stories – touting the types of experiences high that only the Four Seasons could offer. .

In Special delivery, for example, a janitor helps make a budding girl’s dream of becoming an equestrian come true by handing her a pony in her own hands. And in First snow, Four Seasons brings winter wonderland to a Los Angeles couple’s hotel room. Ultimately, the stories – which were created in collaboration with advertising agency Publicis Groupe’s New York-based creative collective, Le Truc – “offer a glimpse into the many ways in which Four Seasons teams outdo each other every day for customers,” the brand said. in a recent press release.The debut of the rebranding was accompanied by campaign videos — “Based on a Real Stay” stories — that touted the kind of elevated experiences only the Four Seasons could deliver (like bringing winter to Los Angeles).Photo: Courtesy of Four Seasons

The new branding took effect on August 29 and will be rolled out to more than 124 Four Seasons hotels and resorts in 47 countries, as well as its restaurants and bars, residences, retail businesses and private jets. over the next year.

With more hotel companies around the world than can be tracked, BizBash spoke to Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Chief Commercial Officer Marc Speichert for his thoughts on the rebrand, as well as how which it allows Four Seasons to reduce noise.

He noted how extensive the media rollout of the rebranding has been. “To put this effort into context, this campaign is one of our largest multi-million dollar global brand launches. Our paid media spend increased 300%, marking the first time we’ve supported brand equity messages through paid media amplification. »

Keep scrolling for more information from Speichert…Preview of Four Seasons' new creative brandIn the campaign video titled Special deliverya concierge at a Madrid Four Seasons property helps make a budding girl’s dream of becoming an equestrian come true by handing her a pony in her own hands.Photo: Courtesy of Four Seasons

Why was it the perfect time to switch brands?
Consumer wants and needs have changed, as many now seek a sense of connection with companies whose business is authentically rooted in their brand values, and they yearn to experience the joy and wonder of new luxury. manners. To maintain our industry-leading position, we must continue to innovate the way we present ourselves as a brand by renewing our focus on who we are in an ever-changing global consumer landscape, especially as the world rekindles its love of travel by following the industry. impacts of the pandemic.Preview of Four Seasons' new creative brandMarc Speichert, Chief Commercial Officer of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.Photo: Courtesy of Four Seasons

How did you make the decision to change your name? Was it post-stay surveys or data from something else?
Our strategic decisions are informed by ideas and based on our philosophy that the customer must be at the center of all decision-making. To relaunch our brand, we needed to really understand the competitive landscape of luxury hospitality, the changes our industry has gone through over the past few years, and what luxury consumers want and need.

As a result, our new brand building platform is grounded in on-the-ground research conducted by our teams, detailed customer segmentation work, brand equity audit, insights and data collected from hundreds of guests, contributions from employees and industry leaders, stakeholder surveys and so much more to continue to evolve our brand in a meaningful and modern way.

How does Four Seasons define luxury and how does “Luxury Is Our Love Language” differentiate your brand from other luxury brands?
For us, luxury is about focusing on how people want to be treated – on the simple elegance of radical empathy, a sense of belonging and creating luxury with a genuine heart. True luxury is not rigid, impersonal service. Many luxury associations are made of excessive materialism, exclusivity and subliminal snobbery.

We understand that at every touchpoint, in person and digitally, consumers want to be personally recognized as a special guest and welcomed as a friend. We are evolving our brand with these preferences in mind by providing simple unscripted acts of care and acts of love that create a sense of belonging to turn a single transaction into a lifelong connection with our brand.

[As far as the competition,] we focus exclusively on the luxury segment, our iconic brand and our competitive advantages: our incredible people and culture. Rooted in our 60+ year history, we present our legendary service offering on our new creative platform with authenticity and authority. Our new brand creation pays homage to our heritage in a fresh and dynamic way.

How do you reach your target audience with media deployment?
In order to reach luxury consumers, our paid media strategy balances high-impact, high-reach interest channels with hyper-local targeting. We leverage America’s affluent Millennials to target cross-generational wealth and find potential customers using digital, traditional and social channels, focusing on mass reach with the digital outdoors [platforms such as] TikTok and Hulu.

Preview of Four Seasons' new creative brandFour Seasons is set to assume management of the historic Hotel Danieli in Venice’s Riva degli Schiavoni area along the Grand Canal. After extensive renovations, the property will re-introduce as Hotel Danieli, Venezia, A Four Seasons Hotel (pictured) in 2025.Photo: Courtesy of Four SeasonsAs if the complete creative rebranding wasn’t enough, Speichert also teased the new Four Seasons openings to get fans excited. “Our global portfolio continues to grow [and] By the end of this year, we will be opening two new properties in Mexico: one in Tamarindo and an extension to our beloved Punta Mita resort with Naviva. »

The Naviva property is the brand’s first adult-only tented resort in the Americas, featuring 15 stand-alone luxury tents nestled in 48 acres of forest on a private peninsula overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It may be one of the smaller Four Seasons properties in its portfolio, but its cliffside design is unlike any other.

Also in the pipeline? A Four Seasons hotel and private residences in Nashville. And by 2025, travelers will be able to book stays at a Four Seasons hotel in Venice, Italy. Openings are also planned in Doha, Qatar; Muscat, Oman; Xi’an, China; Melbourne, Australia; Diriyah, Saudi Arabia; and two new hotels in Egypt.Preview of Four Seasons' new creative brandBy the end of the year, Four Seasons will expand its Punta Mita property with the opening of Naviva (pictured), an adult-only tented resort. There will be 15 stand-alone luxury tents nestled in 48 acres of forest on a private peninsula in Mexico overlooking the Pacific Ocean.Photo: Courtesy of Four Seasons

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