Pop Culture Group Announces Establishment of New Subsidiary to Facilitate Smart Business Development

XIAMEN, China, August 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pop Culture Group Co., Ltd (“Pop Culture” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: CPOP), a hip-pop culture company in China, today announced the establishment of Guangzhou Digital Intelligence Communication Culture Co., Ltd. (“DICC”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company established to facilitate the business development of “POPIDEA”, the smart business segment, among the three core business segments. DICC is expected to upgrade the company’s conventional business services and strategies to provide customers with the communication solutions it calls “Smart Digital (“Smart D”)”.

Smart D by DICC offers a variety of one-stop services, including:

  • Provide digital and intelligent communication solutions by integrating data, focus groups and online and offline communication scenarios.
  • Amplify the effect of integrated marketing by using big data tools and various means of communication.
  • Provide creative design and strategy consultations, guided by think tanks, and deliver creative and visionary strategic solutions.
  • Organize events and activities by adopting relevant strategies and allocating valued resources.

The Company expects to work continuously to upgrade all of its main business areas and has accordingly proposed a strategic plan which it calls the “POPSPACE” (hereinafter, the “Plan”) to achieve this. Smart D is an essential part of the plan, as it will provide an important solution to customer demands for smart communication. Focused on the company’s sports business segment, “POPSPORTS”, the plan will also provide services to street dance talents and help them participate in the sport events. The company plans to commission a new street dance base soon, as part of the plan, to facilitate sports activity. “CPOPMETA” is also part of the plan, paired with the company’s entertainment business line, “POPFUN”, with products protected by non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which will be powered by Smart D services.

Mr. Zhuoqin Huang, President and CEO of Pop Culture, said, “We are delighted with the establishment of DICC and the provision of our unique smart communication solution, Smart D, to our customers. only a reflection of our progress in upgrading our business, but also an important step in our strategic plan. With the establishment of Shenzhen Jam Box Technology Co., Ltd in 2021 and our continuous efforts to promote the professional education of street dancing, we have built a solid foundation for the plan. , we plan to accelerate the development of our three core businesses and to invest 1 billion RMB in the Plan from 2021 to 2025.”

About Pop Culture Group Co.,Ltd

Based at Xiamen, China, Pop Culture Group Co., Ltd is a hip-hop culture enterprise. The Society aims to promote hip-hop culture and its values ​​of love, peace, unity, respect and fun, and to promote cultural exchange around hip-hop between United States and China. With the values ​​of hip-hop culture at its core and the younger generation as its primary target audience, the company organizes entertainment events, operates hip-hop-related online programs, and provides event planning and execution services. events and marketing services to corporate clients. The company has focused in recent years on developing and organizing its own hip-hop events. For more information, visit the company’s website at http://ir.cpop.cn/.

Forward-looking statements

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