PLN 1,000 free of charge in the Loan offer

A loan offer

A loan offer

If you have not yet used the Grab Loan loan offer, now you can borrow from them under the first loan up to PLN 1,000 without any additional fees.

Currently, most companies that specialize in providing payday loans have the opportunity to obtain the first cash without any additional fees or commissions. The condition is, of course, to give away the entire amount borrowed on time and this usually does not exceed 30 days. Such an offer was introduced at the Grab Loan, offering as part of the first free loan PLN 1000 free of charge.

Until recently, payday companies offered no more than PLN 500 on the first loan. Today, these are much higher amounts and PLN 1000 is the real minimum. This is the amount of the loan that a new client can get by applying for the first loan in Grab Loan up to PLN 1,000 free of charge. However, what’s best, as a person using the company’s services for the first time, we can borrow a loan up to PLN 1000 for free with a repayment period of up to 30 days. During this period, we will of course have to return the entire amount borrowed.

What are the conditions to met?

Conditions to be met to apply for a loan in Grab Loan are a minimum of 21 years of age, having employment and no negative entries in the debtors’ databases. To obtain a loan a registration fee of 0.01 is also required, which must be made from your own bank account.

Although in the case of the first loan, we have a limit of up to PLN 1,000, then in the case of further loans, we can count on increasing the available limit of loans. It can reach up to PLN 2,500 for regular customers of the company, who can additionally count up to a 20-percent discount.

At the end, I will remind you that not so long ago, I presented companies in which PLN 1000 we borrow for the first time for free – now you can add Grab Loan to this statement.

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