Photos of Muslim women ‘auctioned off’ as ‘BulliBai’ spark outrage

New Delhi: The microblogging site Twitter witnessed a disturbing hashtag #BulliBai on the New Year’s Eve, with a few users sharing photos of Muslims with objectionable comments.

The photos of Muslim women were uploaded to the “Bulli Bai” app, hosted on GitHub, and sparked major controversy. It comes almost 6 months after Sulli Deals sparked a major row, with Muslim women being referred to by a derogatory term.

Ismat Ara, a well-known journalist from major media, shared a tweet in which her photo was described as “Bulli Bai of the day”. She said it was shared by her friend and it was an extremely disgusting way to start the New Year.

RJ Sayema ​​also revealed that she was also the target of a “venomous rant” against Muslim women.

Taking note of the misogynistic behavior, Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi said she spoke to the Mumbai Police Chief and called for an investigation into the case.

Journalist Ismat Ara also lodged a complaint with the Delhi Police Cybercell for the immediate registration of the FIR and action against the people behind the auction of Muslim women on social media.

Md Jawaid, congressman from Kishanganj, also wrote to the Minister of the Interior Amit Shah for having taken exemplary measures against the authors implied in the diffusion of the offensive hashtags “BulliBai” as well as “SulliDeals”.

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