Ola Electric responds to user complaint regarding disassembled front fork on S1 Pro

Ola Electric points out that around 50,000 of its S1 Pro model are currently circulating on Indian roads and that it remains committed to quality checks.

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May 27, 2022, 6:03 p.m.

This image of a broken Ola S1 Pro unit was tweeted by @SreenadhMenon

Ola Electric released an official statement on Friday regarding an incident reported by an S1 Pro owner in which he claimed the front fork of his electric scooter broke completely. The company, in its response, pointed to the assertion of extensive testing of every product that comes out of its factory lines and said the front fork failure “is due to isolated high-impact crashes.”

An Ola S1 Pro user named Sreenadh Menon recently took to Twitter to share an image of his electric scooter in which his front fork had completely come undone. The post attracted a lot of attention on the microblogging platform and once again raised quality issues regarding this particular electric scooter model. The owner also claimed he wasn’t going too fast when the incident happened.

Many social media outlets once again chose to target Ola Electric for what they said were shoddy quality checks. However, many responded by saying that their respective units had no problem. This is a statement that Ola Electric will later echo. “Vehicle safety and quality standards are of paramount importance at Ola. Ola now has over 50,000 scooters on the road. So far, our scooters have covered over 45 million cumulative km on Indian roads,” the company’s official statement read. “Recently reported incidents of front fork breakage are due to isolated high impact accidents. Performance evaluation over different terrains and riding conditions in India.”

High-impact crashes, more often than not, are the result of speeding, even if the owner of the impacted S1 Pro claims they weren’t to blame. It’s also unclear if Ola Electric came to the said conclusion after an investigation on its part.

This isn’t the first time Ola Electric has suggested – directly or indirectly – that a particular incident with its product is pilot fault. In April, the company denied an owner’s claim that a faulty regenerative braking system caused an accident, and even publicly released a data chart as evidence that said unit was subjected to sudden bursts of speed.

Currently, mechanical or software-related failures afflict Ola Electric’s image, regardless of where the failure may be. And while it’s also true that dozens of owners have taken to Twitter to applaud the product, complaints, issues with panel deficiencies, delivery and service delays have also been plentiful. Sporadic incidents of S1 Pro units catching fire didn’t help either, and Ola Electric also had to issue recall orders for 1,441 units for inspection.

Date of first publication: May 27, 2022, 6:03 PM IST

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