Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee has fun with “adda” filled with coconut crusted shrimp

The art of cooking transcends the boundaries of class, nationality and profession. How a pleasure filled “add one session ”with two food bloggers, one Nobel Prize winner and the other illustrator, does it work?

Saptarshi and Insiya, the couple behind the popular “Bong Eats” food chain, spent a day in their kitchen with Nobel Laureate Abhijit Banerjee and French illustrator Cheyenne Olivier. What followed was a conversation about “food, the environment and sustainability in an increasingly polarized world”. Looked:

Economist Abhijit Banerjee won the Nobel Prize with his wife Esther Duflo and Micheal Kremer. A kitchen enthusiast and cook, Banerjee recently wrote a book titled ‘Cooking to save your life‘, featuring some of her best favorite recipes. The book was illustrated by Olivier.

Saptarshi and Insiya are household names for probashi Bangalis around the world, yearning to taste at home. They research and share detailed recipes of traditional Bengali dishes such as Chitol Maach’er Muittha Where Shukto, with easy-to-follow instructions and notes. The couple are well known for their videos with distinct ASMR quality, from hash, sizzle, and blend sounds to vibrant color displays.

The foods that were prepared during the session were a cold Persian yogurt soup, a Thai pomelo salad, “The pomelo is batabi lebu», Explains Insiya, coconut crusted shrimp, caramel cream. Nobel laureate asks Insiya to call him “Abhijit or Abhijit Da», A term of affection common among the Bengalis.

Explaining how Olivier came to work on a cookbook with Banerjee, he said: “Cheyenne was a au pair for my family for three years and we spent a lot of time cooking together. I really recognize her in the illustrations in the book.

Banerjee let his guard down during the interaction and even shared bits and pieces of his childhood memories. “When I was six, I went to Murshidabad during Durga Puja and there was a grapefruit orchard. A storm started and I remember running in this field with a rain of grapefruits on us! “

Speaking about his mother’s cooking, he said, “A lot of my hand gestures are based on my mother’s, the way I hold spices or add them. Her cuisine was inspired by the English as she spent a lot of time in the UK. She loved to cook roasts! His food was an English appropriation of French food, I would say.

Banerjee made the coconut crusted shrimp himself. While cooking, he said, “The shrimp will need a surface to cook, otherwise they won’t crust. “He continued in Bengali:”Ekta dhaka daoOr “Pass me a cover” to Insiya.

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