New Chinese movie ‘Lighting Up The Stars’ grossed $32 million in three days

Since its premiere on June 24, the latest Chinese box office hitlight up the starsis on its way to becoming one of the biggest recipes in the country movies This year.

According Varietythe movie won $31.8 million in his first weekend alone – around 10 million more than Denis Villeneuve’s Dunes brought on its opening weekend last year. Including revenue from previews the previous week, light up the stars ended its opening weekend with a total take of 37 million USD.

The film’s strong start is a positive sign that the Chinese film industry is making a comeback after being hit by Covid-19 blockages.

Directed by Liu Jiangjiang, light up the stars follows Wu Xiaowen, an orphaned baby girl, and Mo Sanmei, an ex-con man turned funeral director. After Mo rescues Wu, she begins following him, and the two form an unexpected bond bordering on a father and daughter relationship.

Zhu Yilongwho rose to fame after starring as the protagonist in the 2018 boys love mystery drama Guardianplays the male lead, while adorable 9-year-old actress Yang Enyou stars as Wu. Although this is her first time on the big screen, the child actress has impressed the audience with her genuine performance.

A promotional poster for light up the stars starring child actress Yang Enyou

Serving as a reminder to cherish life, light up the stars was a hit with audiences, scoring 7.5/10 on IMDb-like platform Douban. Additionally, fans gushed about the film on microblogging platform Weibo, where a related hashtag racked up more than 2 billion views in a week.

Viewers seem particularly touched by the relationship between the little orphan and the ex-crook. Some fans even created fan art of stills from the film.

light up the stars

The audience loves the relationship between the funeral home employee and the little orphan of light up the stars

Many have said that light up the stars causes both laughter and tears.

“It’s super good! It starts off as a comedy but then turns sad and moving. I ended up crying so hard,” reads Weibo comment.

“What a great movie! It is truly eye-catching, healing and comforting. It’s the movie I’ve wanted to see the most in recent years,” gushed another user.

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