Netroots Nation 2022 Interviews with politicians, activists, NGOs, bloggers and writers.

I interviewed over 50 politicians, activists, NGOs, bloggers and writers at Netroots Nation 2022 in Pittsburgh, PA a few weeks ago. I’ve placed them all in the playlist below.

Playlist of all the interviews I did at Netroots Nation 2022

Click on the three bars at the top left to access all the interviews.

The list of people is long. It includes Congressman Ilhan Omar, DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas, Abortion Front founder Lizz Winstead, Democracy for America founder Yvette Simpson, Starbucks Union Activist, Amazon Union Activists, several publishers, environmentalists and many others. others.

Click on the message below the video to access the interview playlist or click on the three video bars at the top right of the video for the interview drop-down menu.

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