Nagpur’s giant halwa paratha thrills foodies online

India is a land of varied cuisine and with the advent of food bloggers, more and more people are discovering culinary gems hidden in discreet corners of the country. People have discovered interesting, albeit bizarre, dining options like the one in Delhi kulhad momos, Indore roll of mirchi ice cream, and that of Ahmedabad Oreo pakoda and king-size thali baahubali. One of these food gems is the Nagpur halwa paratha.

The mammoth paratha is served outside Baba Taj Dargah in Nagpur. Paratha is served chilled with suji and besan halwa. The subtly salty paratha and the sweet halwa make an interesting combination. At a price of Rs 40 for 250 grams, street food is taking off under the sun of social networks.

You can see how the famous halwa paratha is made here:

The famous paratha is two and a half feet by two and a half feet. It is made with a paste of 700 grams which is then mixed with 100 grams of dalda and a little salt. The cook skillfully kneads the maida dough and spread it thinly on a wooden skateboard. To prevent the paratha from breaking or having air pockets, small holes are drilled in the dough, and then it is lightly fried in oil for two minutes. Soon a thin and crispy paratha is prepared. It is impressive to see experienced cooks preparing the dish with flying colors.

the video, which has been making the rounds on social media, is eliciting extreme reactions from people. While some are thrilled to try this interesting dish, others have expressed concern about the hygiene issues. “It’s definitely big! “Commented one Internet user, while another said:” Hygiene has left the cat.

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