MI lawmakers want to know about your unemployment problems

If there is one thing that many Michigan residents can agree on, it is the huge issues surrounding the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency. The agency has been plagued with issues dating back to before the COVID-19 closures. And over the past 18 months, things have only gotten worse. Significantly. We still don’t know what the state is doing to recover over $ 1 billion in payments for fraudulent claims.

The most recent problem emerged just a few weeks ago when the agency sent letters to hundreds of thousands of residents saying they may have to replay the benefits. Not by mistake of the recipients. Rather, because of errors on the part of the agency applying federal guidelines to the payment of benefits.

Now the state is withdrawing that notice, sort of. About half of those who received the potential refund notice now receive a new notice basically saying, “… whatever.” This leads many state residents and Michigan state lawmakers to wonder how the state determines who is in the lucky group. In the wake of all this, a key Michigan State House of Representatives committee is opening a thorough investigation ministry activities over the past year and a half.

A new webpage is now live asking anyone caught in the confusing mess to provide state lawmakers details of their experience so that this can be considered as part of the UIA’s legislative inquiry.

Chairman of the State House Supervisory Committee Steve johnson de Wayland hopes everyone involved will seize the opportunity to tell their story. “The oversight committee is working to get answers and we will continue to make sure those affected have a place around the table. The UIA has not had good results recently in this regard and our committee will seek to find effective solutions both for the present and the future.

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