Maura Moynihan | Ilhan Omar: An American agent of the Pakistani-CCP Wahhabi lobby?

From April 20-24, 2022, Ilham Omar, US Democratic Congressman from Minnesota, paid a surprise visit to Pakistan, where she had several meetings and photo ops in Islamabad with new Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, and Prime Minister newly ousted Imran Khan, visited Lahore, took a helicopter ride to Pakistani-occupied Kashmir (PoK), posted a video selfie on Twitter looking over the Line of Control bridge and held a conference press releases in Muzaffarabad, the capital of PoK, saying, “I don’t believe it (Kashmir) is being discussed to the extent that it needs to be discussed in the US Congress but also with the administration.

It instantly became one of the biggest news stories in South Asia, but the American corporate media remained completely silent. ” private trip “.

But after India’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi called Ms Omar’s statements on India “damnable”, the story exploded on social media. Today, many people are wondering: who exactly financed US Representative Omar’s “private trip” during which she openly attacked India, a vital US ally? Is she truly loyal to the United States, where she immigrated at the age of nine from war-torn Somalia? Or is she yet another democrat among the many identified in the superb writings of Professor Mahadev Nalapat, who states: “The democrats are indebted to the China-Wahhabi lobby”. Nalapat told a TV station: “Kashmir is a target for the Chinese-Wahhabi network. Who funds Omar? Many blog posts suggest his trip was funded by the Pakistani government. And it’s okay with the White House?

Apparently yes. At a fundraiser in Seattle in April 2022, President Joe Biden accused India of “human rights abuses” but said nothing about the horrific human rights abuses of Taliban, or the Chinese Communist Party’s Uyghur genocide, or the naked fascism on display in Shanghai. , Beijing and across the People’s Republic of China under Xi Jinping’s “zero Covid policy”. Since taking office in January 2021, the Biden administration has stripped communist China of tariffs and sanctions, which 80% of Americans support, and done nothing to hold the CPC accountable for unleashing hell with Covid-19, but is constantly attacking India with blacklists and sanctions as well as official statements, completely unseemly conduct towards an ally and a strategic partner.

Ilhan Omar is certainly advancing the agenda of the CCP-Wahhabi lobby. During testimony to the US Congress in 2019, Ms Omar slandered Aarti Tikoo Singh, an Indian journalist who documented three decades of jihadist campaign against Kashmiri Pandits in their ancestral land. Despite her feminist stance within the far-left Democratic “brigade”, Ms. Omar said nothing about Sharia reform, which has angered many Muslim intellectuals and bloggers, nor about gang rapes and forced sterilizations of Uyghur Muslim women and the extermination of Uyghur and Kazakh people in the CCP’s huge concentration camps.

It is implausible to suggest that Ilhan Omar was the first American politician to travel to Pakistan to meet the new government and have a military escort to the Line of Control to post a Twitter video provoking the Kashmir issue, at the without the knowledge and approval of the United States. Embassy in Islamabad. Since President Biden’s catastrophic retirement from Kabul in August 2021, Pakistan has been awash with terrorist attacks, inflation, food and fuel shortages, and stability is rapidly collapsing. Each week, the US consulates in Lahore and Karachi issue security alerts for US citizens and officials. But Rep. Omar’s trip to the PoK LoC isn’t even mentioned on the US State Department website?

Ms Omar drew a lot of ire from Pakistani officials and journalists for her glowing stories about talks with Imran Khan on ‘combating Islamophobia’ as Mr Khan publicly blamed the US government for his ousting. On April 21, 2022, Dawn reported, “There have been several explanations for her trip, although she has never shown any interest in Pakistan in the past…Omar’s meeting with Mr. Khan had been directly scheduled by his office through a US-based agent. A Pakistani businessman, said a PTI leader.

The US media is also infiltrated by the CPC-Wahhabi network, spreading false narratives about India, while covering up the crimes of the Chinese Communists. The American media hardly mentions Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan, all partners of the CCP’s Belt and Road Initiative, which are now sinking into debt and economic collapse, or that India faces armed conflict on its eastern front from Chinese-occupied Tibet, and on its western front from the Taliban government of Afghanistan, newly armed with $85 billion in US weapons. Last week, PLA generals and Chinese air force jets were filmed at Bagram air base, 400 km from China’s Xinjiang province.

India is becoming aware of the dangers of the Sino-Wahhabi lobby. America’s friends of India are alarmed by the conduct of Democrats who insult India while condoning the crimes of the Chinese Reds and jihadists. Now they come for Kashmir. Liberal media and late-night talk show darling Ilhan Omar, idolized by “Woke” progressives, has made it clear which side she is on.

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