Marqetr de Mawarni Adam to fund at least RM250,000 for regional expansion

Mawarni Adam’s consulting firm, Marqetr, is looking for its first crowdfunding campaign targeting a minimum of RM250,000 in exchange for 1.81% equity and a maximum of RM3.25 million in return for 19.35% . According to the consulting firm, that puts it at RM13.5million before the money. All the capital will be used to amplify its marketing activities, increase its workforce, access new markets in Asia and build its next-generation technological platform.

In particular, five new employees will be added to the team over the next 15 months, which will strengthen Marqetr’s capabilities to build a multi-device, full-stack and end-to-end managed market technology platform, CRM. , loyalty and gamification, intelligent matching algorithm and machine learning. At the same time, the funding will allow Marqetr to expand its feature set to create a global network of marketing experts and expertise. This will also facilitate its initial expansion to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and beyond.

After examining the potential of Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam and the nature of their marketing industry, Mawarni (pictured) said A + M that it made business sense to expand into these markets. However, with its borderless technology platform and business model, Marqetr is also able to expand into more countries if and when the opportunity arises. For example, it has since established itself in the United States on the basis of this model. Although still in its infancy, Mawarni said the United States intends to position the company as a global business in the near future.

Marqetr will focus on building its next-generation technological capabilities in 2022 while continuing its marketing activities in tandem, focusing on two key areas: content marketing and marketing and performance analysis. On the content marketing front, Marqetr will focus on thematic and tactical campaigns. “The great human history tale of why we built Marqetr, appealing to the logical, practical and emotional reasons for how the brand can help customers, marketers, and everyone involved in making it happen. Telling the brand’s story will continue beyond 2022, but it will ‘This will be the year we establish its first trajectory,’ she explained.

Meanwhile, for performance marketing and analytics, Marqetr wants to be able to measure everything so that performance is an important part of its marketing. This includes getting signups to convert and engage users (customers and marketers) and drive referrals on the platform, and then being able to start all over again with optimized results, Mawarni explained.

According to Marqetr, it has since hit 102% of its registration goals for 2021 a month after its web portal redesign. Based in Malaysia, Mawarni relaunched her consulting business earlier this year and expanded to Singapore a few months later. She was previously responsible for branding, marketing communications and customer experience for Berjaya Sompo Insurance and worked in the company for over two years. Before that, Marqetr was known as M Consulting Asia.

Trends marketers should watch for in 2022

With the death and extinction of cookies, Mawarni said marketers need to be very creative when it comes to marketing, so as not to waste money on paid ads. This can be done by strengthening brand advocacy and creating a network of relevant and relevant brand advocates.

“The right influencers who match the meaning and purpose of your brand, whether they are a thought leader, subject matter expert, or consumer product enthusiast, will help spreading the brand’s story to the right target audience, so it will be worth spending time to understand and capitalize on this trend, ”she explained.

There will also be more social selling related to increasing e-commerce capabilities. It comes as more people take their business digital, gyms run online classes and sell passes to special sessions, Zoom classes or webinars, telemedicine appointments, and health consultations. wellness, as well as product tutorials and unboxing for showcasing and selling. Based on this, Mawarni said that social selling and e-commerce are quickly becoming a powerful combo.

The third trend that marketers should watch out for is finding new social media alternatives to connect and engage with their target audience. “As there can be a growing disdain for certain platforms, LinkedIn for example is ideal for professionals, it has a higher CPC but with quality leads. And we cannot deny the power and influence of TikTok, a platform that was so alien and strange to me three or four years ago has now found a place on my phone, ”she explained.

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