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Kotex, one of the pioneers of feminine hygiene products, is relaunching in India, with the introduction of Kotex period panties – a breakthrough innovation that provides unparalleled menstrual protection on heavy nights. This century-old brand is nourished by the values ​​of providing comfort care products to women. Kotex ensures that periods never get in the way of a woman’s progress. It aims to support and encourage young girls and women on their journey to establish a new world order and break the cycle of the old world.

Research conducted by Kotex in India suggests that Kotex Night Period Panties are a life-changing product that provides 360 degree protection for heavy flow nights. Kotex Nighttime Period Panties break the old cycle of nighttime discomfort and anxiety on heavy flow nights, providing complete 360-degree protection for anxiety-free, restful nights.

“As a brand, Kotex strives to strive for a world where rules never stand in the way of a girl’s progress,” says Saakshi Verma Menon, Marketing Director of Kimberly–Clark India. “Today’s Indian girl understands that menstruation is a natural process and wants to openly challenge any pre-existing negative taboos or prejudices that exist around her. We are re-launching Kotex in India with the innovative and convenient period panty. As as a woman I can I’m thrilled to be able to launch it for women in this country Kotex period panties offer women an unparalleled experience of 360 degree leak-free protection For decades women have been held back at night And periods are another reason. With the launch of this product, we’re encouraging women to not let their periods hold them back so they can own the night – in any way they choose.”

“In a world that says girls need to be home before the night sets in, Kotex, as a brand, believes young, confident girls can proclaim, ‘The night is mine, I’m change” and freely do what they want; be a pro gamer, a hula hooper, a night rider or just take a night off,” says Tanuja Bhat, Senior Creative Director, Ogilvy India. The brand’s launch campaign challenges society’s regressive mindset and gives the girls a powerful statement, an anthem that captures their unstoppable spirit as they step out into the world. The innovative product – Kotex Overnight Period Panties, challenges traditional formats and offers modern and superior period protection. . Together, they bring to life Kotex’s belief that “periods shouldn’t get in the way of a woman’s progress.” »

The ad brings out the true hallmark of Gen Z of being the harbingers of change in their lives and wanting to take charge and own it. ‘The night belongs to me. I am the change’ is the message that highlights the campaign and the target audience. Young people today aren’t shy about arguing and don’t think menstrual blood is something to avoid. The campaign aims to empower girls to break the cycle and focus on their passions to get ahead. It talks about how every girl owns the night in her own way, period or not. The campaign shines a light on their lifestyle and how they believe they are the change. The campaign was designed for all the relevant platforms it uses – be it Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, Youtube, Spotify Ads and Snapchat Lens.

Kotex has also launched their website kotex.co.in which is a content hub for all rules and a one-of-a-kind rules tracker that helps. The company also gives women the opportunity to be part of the Kotex tribe, where there is period management information and period tracking that helps young women today to be in charge and not let the rules disrupt their daily lives.

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