Instant loan app scam: two more people arrested

Police have arrested two other suspects involved in the instant loan mobile app scam, which also had links to some Chinese nationals. The defendants were identified as Raj Vaishnav, 27, and Akram Mohammed, 30, from Rajasthan. Police said that during questioning, the defendants revealed that they had provided the bank accounts to Chinese nationals via WhatsApp and Telegram. Police said they both provided numerous accounts to their bosses in China and Dubai.

It has also been revealed that Vaishnav belongs to Akola village, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, and his entire village is involved in the same crime of providing accounts to criminals based in China and Dubai. An approximate amount of Rs 400 crore was distributed through the instant loan app.

During the investigation, it emerged that the arrested Daksh Partap Singh and Ayush Agarwal were involved in money laundering and dealing in Crypto currency. They sent money to China and Dubai via TT (telegraphic transfer).

Police said a total of Rs 17.31 lakh was reportedly recovered from those arrested and around Rs 60 lakh was held in bank accounts. A total of 20 bank accounts were also frozen. In addition, 43 cell phones and nine laptops were recovered from those arrested.

UT police have arrested a total of 31 people in connection with an instant loan application scam. Victims are encouraged to file a fraud complaint with the police.

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