Insta Reels, the new advertising territory for brands?

Reels are undoubtedly one of Instagram’s most loved features. While they were an instant hit with users, brands are also taking note of the advertising opportunity that Reels provide. From Cadbury to Coca-Cola, many big brands are investing on a larger scale in Insta Reels. Recently, Britannia Nutri Choice Protein unveiled a campaign on the platform with Danish designer Sait. The launch of the campaign on Reels is seen as an exception as brands always prefer TV ads over a digital campaign.

What makes advertising on Reels attractive for brands is that India is the largest global market for Instagram with around 230 million users. According to a Hootsuite Digital 2022 report, Instagram’s advertising reach jumped 21% (over 257 million users) in the past year. Ads on Instagram reach nearly 1.5 billion users each month, with over 1 billion users reached through Instagram Stories alone.

Speaking about the new trend of advertising on Reels, Shradha Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of Grapes Digital, said, “Today’s audience consumes a lot of Reels, so brands are also focusing on supporting because it helps to attract attention.. Considering the busy life that people live these days, they prefer content that does not require a lot of research and determination of what to watch. they also want fresh and engaging content.Reels are responding to these changing consumer behaviors that are making space for brands in consumers’ working lives with short videos.Marketers are going behind Reels, except for posts static and video, due to the vast level of engagement.

Short video is an extremely important content format for marketers, as shown by a Wyzowl survey in which 73% of respondents said they preferred to learn about new products or services through short videos.

While adapting to the latest trends, the advertising industry offers many opportunities for brands to capitalize on. Similarly, brands, in trying to reach their audience, use a wide range of options available to them whether in the form of a 360 degree approach, TVC, digital or a “phygital” medium. They use a mix of different mediums depending on budget, purpose and target audience. The priority is to establish engagement with the audience with the right kind of content. In recent years, brands are broadening their approach and also opting for regional and short videos to better connect with audiences.

“Reels are a great way to show off the fun, creative, and quirky side of your brand. So even if the purpose of your Reels is to drive traffic, views, or clicks, make sure they’re still fun. Besides Reels, advertisers can leverage other advertising trends such as influencer marketing, omnichannel marketing, and AI applications like machine learning and deep learning to reach their audiences like never before explains. Mitesh kothari, co-founder and CCO, White Rivers Media.

What adds to the popularity of Reels is the fact that it is easy for brands to use. “Ideally, Reels won’t need the kind of production that a TVC would. Thus, the investment and budget parameters change. Ideally, the 30-60 rule applies here too. Almost 30% on production and 60% on promotion,” says Umang Puri, Creative Director – North, FoxyMoron (Zoo Media).

However, although advertising on Reels is rapidly gaining popularity, it is certainly not seen as an alternative to more popular media like television, as Kumar Awanish, Chief Growth Officer, Cheil India shares. “YouTube reels, shorts and other digital platforms can be complementary to TVC, but they can never replace TVC.”

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