In Russia, a man chains himself to the McDonald’s restaurant to prevent the closure of the outlet; look

In a desperate attempt to prevent the closure of a McDonald’s outlet, a Russian man chained himself to a restaurant in Moscow. The man, known as Luka Safronov, was captured protesting just hours before the fast food chain closed across the country in response to Russia’s ongoing military action against Ukraine. The sun reported. The video of the incident was shared on the microblogging platform by a user who goes by a user who goes by the name of Nikola Tesla Museum.

In the short clip shared on Twitter, the man can be seen talking to police personnel and he then left the scene with them. According to The sun report, Luka Safronov can be heard in the video saying, “Closing down is an act of hostility” against him and other Russian citizens. McDonald’s, which has about 62,000 employees in Russia, last week announced the temporary closure of 850 outlets in Moscow in response to the ongoing war. McDonald’s decision left many people heartbroken as they would no longer be able to enjoy their favorite restaurant meals.

McDonald’s announces temporary shutdown of all operations in Russia

In the wake of Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, the American multinational fast-food chain, in a March 8 statement, announced that it would temporarily close its 850 outlets in Russia and halt all of its operations. The fast-food giant also said it would continue to pay the salaries of the 62,000 Russian workers who will be affected by the shutdown. In CEO Chris Kempczinski’s official statement to McDonald’s employees and franchisees, the company said, “The conflict in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis in Europe have caused untold suffering to innocent people. As a system, we join the world in condemning aggression and violence and praying for peace. Chris Kempczinski said their number one priority will always be their employees. He further disclosed that McDonald’s has donated $5 million to the Employee Relief Fund and will continue to support the International Red Cross relief efforts in the area.

Image: PTI/Twitter/@HolyNikolaTesla

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