Huawei Mobile Services and Kumu Announce Collaborative Partnership Through Agency AVOW to Enhance User Experience with Strategic Ads

SINGAPORE, July 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kumu, the popular live streaming social media platform in The Philippines entered into a long-term collaboration with HUAWEI Ads. Represented by their advertising agency AVOW, an OEM mobile advertising specialist, who manages all their user acquisition activities via mobile OEMKumu saw a significant increase in users and downloads following a successful pilot program with HUAWEI Ads in August 2021.

The suite of features offered by HUAWEI Ads by AVOW, aligned with Kumu’s needs to increase reach and engagements on their platform. On apps in the Huawei ecosystem, Kumu managed to increase its visibility, which led to the app achieving an average engagement rate of 60% and a 57% improvement in cost per download (CPD) .

“Through serving premium advertisements on HUAWEI Ads, Kumu has become one of the most profitable apps in the markets. Our partnership with HUAWEI Ads has helped us generate leads far beyond our initial campaign goals,” said Alex CheringDirector of Growth at Kumu.

Reach Untapped User Audiences with HUAWEI Ads

Kumu has grown exponentially in a short period of 9 months due to the large global user base within the Huawei mobile ecosystem. This wallet is guided by Huawei’s “1+8+N” strategy, which uses the smartphone as the main input and 8 commonly used terminals such as speakers, tablets, PCs and watches as auxiliary inputs, then uses 1+8 to connect all smart IoT devices. This fully connected ecosystem serves more than 730 million users worldwide.

HUAWEI Ads also offers a wide selection of display, search and application distribution advertising formats. In this campaign, AVOW used the various advertising solutions offered such as AppGallery, Petal Search and Display Ads to balance their ad placements to drive the best results. Additionally, integrating multiple HUAWEI Ads targeting options such as location, demographics, and user behavior into Kumu’s advertising strategy enabled greater brand exposure to a diverse audience. These features have collectively boosted Kumu’s presence and audience conversion rates.

Optimize ad performance

The HUAWEI Ads Data Management Platform (DMP) provided Kumu with campaign performance insights through a comprehensive breakdown of key metrics. This information allows Kumu to make targeted improvements that will optimize their future advertising strategies.with the help of their partner agency – AVOW.

Based on activity data collected from algorithms across all Huawei devices, HUAWEI Ads identified and recommended potential audiences that fit Kumu’s target profile, which ultimately helped them expand their target audience and reach. user base. In addition to expanding Kumu’s user base and maximizing its advertising performance, the algorithm detects and filters out fraudulent inventory, effectively countering the problem of inflated advertising performance metrics.

“Our partnership with Kumu underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality ads that drive user growth and engagement. We have dedicated teams who work closely with our clients to achieve the best returns on investment. We look forward to to deepen our strong partnership with Kumu, and continue to work as one team to achieve their business goals,” said Rei Xiao, Director of Mobile Ecosystem Business Growth, Asia Pacific, Huawei.

Foster strong partnerships

Maintaining a close working relationship with AVOW and Kumu has allowed Huawei to better understand and adapt to Kumu’s advertising needs. At the same time, Huawei was able to ensure the smooth running of campaigns by taking immediate action to resolve any issues that arose. Huawei believes that consistent and transparent communication is the key to successful advertising campaigns for its customers.

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About HUAWEI Ads

HUAWEI Ads is the digital advertising marketplace designed for Huawei devices. The service interacts with the underlying algorithms and architecture of Huawei devices, making it the most effective platform to reach Huawei’s global user base of over 730 million on devices such as smartphones, PCs and tablets.

About Kumu

Kumu is a powerful social media platform that highlights the voices of Filipinos around the world. In addition to presenting users with real-time earning opportunities as a live streamer, chances to win prizes in various game shows, and engage in campaigns, Kumu also fosters communities that spark relevant discussions between the Filipinos. According to the Mobile App Performance Company AppAnnieKumu is not only the first Filipino app to be the most profitable social app in The Philippinesbut one of the highest-grossing social apps in the world, ranking in the Top 10 in app stores in multiple markets, including in Canada, Australiathe Middle East, Europe, hong kongand Singapore. For more information, visit

About AVOW

AVOW is the global app growth company specializing in alternative app store inventory. The company offers brands a unique opportunity to access large-scale untapped mobile advertising inventory and invest their ad spend in alternative channels for additional user growth and engagement. For more information, visit

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