How to Change Your Niche on YouTube Without Starting a New Channel

As your YouTube channel evolves, you will likely change a lot as a human being as well. Your interests will likely change as you get older, and the old content format you used to post to YouTube might not be enough.

If you’re tired of what you currently post on YouTube and are looking to take a new approach, consider changing your niche. You might think that to be successful you have to start a new channel, but that’s not always the case.


Although switching niches requires a lot of preparation, you can always change the direction of your YouTube videos and keep your current channel. This article will give you the best tips to do so.

1. Make an announcement video

If you’ve been on YouTube for a while, you’ve probably built up a loyal following. Since they have invested a lot of trust in you and subscribed to your channel for a specific reason, you owe it to them to explain your plans.

You can create a simple announcement video explaining why you want to switch niches, what the viewer can expect, and when you expect you will make the switch completely. Although you may lose a few followers, many will likely stay because they like you.

If you have a budget, entice current subscribers to stay; you can arrange giveaways or offer them discounts for signing up to your newsletter.

2. Slowly change the direction of your videos

If you look at many companies that rebrand, you’ll notice that it’s never an overnight thing. The process usually takes months, and in some cases, you may need to continue for years before everything switches successfully.

The same will likely apply to your YouTube channel. For example, you can start by posting a video in your new niche every month, before slowly upping the ante. By the time you’ve fully rebranded, viewers won’t have any surprises.

If you don’t want to create full-length videos in your new niche just yet, think about ways to include some aspects of it in your existing content.

3. Review your uploaded content

If you’ve been posting to YouTube regularly for over a year, you likely have a sizable catalog of videos to sift through. Sometimes you may not need to create a new string from scratch; you will already have content that matches your new vision.

You can keep all existing content that matches your new purpose, making it easier for potential subscribers to trust you when they click on your channel. If you revisit this content, you’ll probably also find new angles that you can use for future videos.

4. Hide or Delete Old Irrelevant Videos

Many YouTubers have more than one channel, and the main reason is simple: having a clear purpose makes it much easier to attract the right kinds of subscribers. Once you start posting in a new niche, you should seriously consider going through your old videos and hiding them from public view.

You probably spent a lot of time creating these old videos, so we understand if you don’t want to delete them for sentimental reasons. In such cases, you can unsubscribe them instead. Just make sure they don’t get in the way of your new direction.

5. Look at your current ideas and timeline

If you like to schedule your YouTube content months in advance, switching niches can become particularly painful as you have to undo your current schedule. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you might have better luck going through your existing ideas and seeing if you can reuse anything.

Unless your new niche is very different from your current niche, such as going from collecting postage stamps to fishing, you’ll likely find some ideas you can use.

Refining these ideas will save you a lot of brainstorming time, and it will also help you inspire new ideas.

6. Set a clear timeline for your rebranding

Once you’ve decided to switch niches but aren’t interested in launching a new channel, you’re ready to start planning the big brand change. To ensure that you move forward with your plans, you should seriously consider setting a clear timeline for how long you expect everything to take.

After setting a time scale, start filling in the intermediate periods with the necessary action points. To keep everything organized and easily accessible, you can use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

7. Accept potential short-term losses

Many great YouTubers who post the same content as they started out, even though they no longer want to, do so out of fear. If you’ve started a business on YouTube, you probably have a lot of overhead and understandably feel a bit hesitant to move on to another niche.

If you move to a new YouTube slot, you’ll have to accept that you’ll lose subscribers and views in the long run. These two elements could also have an impact on your income.

If you can’t afford your channel to fail, think about how you can increase your revenue streams elsewhere. For example, you can freelance for other companies and you can also be successful in selling digital products.

Although your YouTube channel may make less money and lose subscribers initially, you’ll recoup those losses once others learn about your new approach.

Once you’ve posted videos in your new niche, it might feel like you’re starting over, even if you have the same YouTube channel. Since others may not know what you are doing, you will need to find a way to put yourself in front of your target audience.

You can choose several methods to promote your content to others. Guest blogging on websites in your niche is one possible opportunity, and appearing on other people’s podcasts is another option.

As you diversify where people can find you, you’ll notice that you start to attract subscribers who are interested in your new approach.

Switching niches is scary, but you’ll probably have to at some point

Rebranding on YouTube takes a lot of effort and courage; If you’ve built a successful business on the platform, you might wonder why you care about the change. But if you stick with the long-term change, it could all work out and your channel could become better than ever.

As long as you plan well in advance, starting a new niche on YouTube is entirely possible without starting a new channel.

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