How Marketers Can Increase Their Revenue In The Black Friday 2021 Sale

Data shows Millennials spent the most money on Black Friday deals

By Neha Kulwal

Black Friday is still seen as a huge opportunity for marketers to grab customer attention, build brand awareness, and increase revenue. It is the most popular sales event where both online and offline stores showcase their lucrative deals and discounts. Considering the scale of the event, one can leverage the interest of his audience to improve his income by using effective advertising campaigns for Black Friday.

Here are four tips for maximizing the potential of this Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sale.

Explore the different marketing channels

The best strategies during any special sales event vary from channel to channel. In order to put your hands in the right direction, it is advisable to take a closer look at all of your marketing channels and analyze their performance from their past scales. Usually, in such scenarios, marketers want to invest more in profitable and performance-based channels, such as Affiliates, Admitad Affiliate, where brands offer increased payouts, special promo codes, additional lucrative offers, and many others. Such channels not only give them a return on their investment, but also allow them to go even further to test and try various sources of traffic such as cashback and coupons, loyalty programs, social media which can play a role. major role during the sales event.

Be prepared with the basics

The Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales will follow one another. To seize the opportunity, you need to optimize your website traffic by regularly updating content that is relevant to the audience. During sales, advertising space costs more and this is especially important for affiliates, so make sure you have enough budget for Black Friday. Do not forget if you have mobile traffic, check that the mobile version of the advertiser’s site loads quickly and correctly so that in the end, all your efforts are not in vain. Overall, it is important to control the date of the sales as some advertisers prefer to open the sales a day or two before the main sale.

Promote the offer category according to your audience niche

Before major sales begin, take a closer look at your target audience, their choices, and recent buying behavior. You can make Black Friday sales campaigns a win-win situation for you and your customers, but if they’re not right for your customers, they won’t do anything for you. Usually, advertisers share their own creations that immediately create associations with discounts and sales festivals. Using such media can help you easily communicate the message and ensure that the customer makes the buying decision after receiving the sales information from your channel. Millennials have also been observed to be the biggest spenders of Black Friday deals. Thus, it might be more efficient to contact them with their most convenient communication tool – Telegram, which is the most commonly used channel for their online purchases.

Use relevant tools

In the online space, there are many tools available that can help you monetize your website and effectively attract users. You may already be familiar with some of the tools or are considering doing so. Using at least the following two tools will make your life much easier: they are multifunctional and quite useful – Extension for Google Chrome and Telegram Bot.

After adding the Admitad extension to your Chrome browser, the publisher can see the main details of the affiliate program in the browser window of the advertiser’s web page. In addition, any single deep link can now be created literally with one click. The tools tend to be highly recommended and helpful for bloggers.

Admitad’s Telegram Bot is the tool that helps tremendously in working with affiliate programs from any device that has this messenger installed. The Bot is useful because any telegrammer can create a short link for their users and at the same time control their income.

These simple practices will help you outperform your performance from last year, we expect this selling period to be much better than in 2020. More and more users are buying online, and the discount period will not will only stimulate their activity. Not to mention that Cyber ​​Monday comes after Black Friday, so some users may skip the Friday craze and decide to shop on Monday. So remember to be more proactive and let your designs stay a little longer.

The author is country manager, Admitad Affiliate India

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