Green Monday and OmniFoods donate to SOS and BCH Spreading warmth and health through plant-based meals

Media OutReach – March 3, 2022 – In the wake of the turbulence, reaching out to those in need is more important than ever. Social enterprise Green Monday Group and Asian food tech leader OmniFoods have donated one of their best-selling Omni Luncheon to Thai nonprofits
Subsistence Fellows Foundation (SOS) and
Bangkok Community Aid (BCH). Together they have provided over 130,000 meals to underserved communities in Thailand, giving back to the community through healthy plant-based meals, spreading warmth to the less privileged, and uniting all against the ongoing pandemic.

Green Monday and OmniFoods have donated Omni Luncheon to non-profit organizations, which can provide more than 130,000 meals to disadvantaged communities in Thailand.

Green Monday and OmniFoods understand the hardships the pandemic has imposed on underprivileged communities, partner with SOS and BCH and come together to support the Thai community with nutritious meals in this meaningful collaboration. SOS prepared nutritious meals with 1,000 cartons (3,840 kg) of donated Omni Luncheon, such as Omni Luncheon Stir-Fried Thai Basil and Omni Luncheon Deep Fried with Yellow Curry, distributing over 16,000 meals to 124 low-income communities. income and refugees in Bangkok, Pathum Thani and remote areas such as Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya. With the 3,000 cartons (11,520 kg) of Omni Luncheon donation, BCH made Omni Luncheon Stir-Fried with Long Beans and Cabbage and Omni Luncheon Stir-Fried with Mixed Vegetables, a total of 114,000 meals will be distributed over a 38 day period. to 15 slum communities in Khlong Toei and 15 communities in Bangkok, a total of 30 communities will enjoy meals with Omni Luncheon.

In addition to providing nutritious meals to those in need, the charity event also serves as a first look at recipients of plant-based meat meals. SOS said beneficiaries were grateful to receive the nutritious, high-protein Omni lunch in their meals. In addition to caring for the Thai community, this donation is also an opportunity to educate the public about the benefits of embracing plant-based diets, a goal shared by OmniFoods and its parent company, Green Monday, which advocates plant-based diets to alleviate pressing global crisis like climate change and food insecurity.

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