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By Ashemiriogwa Emmanuel

Nigeria’s federal government said much progress had been made in the ongoing dialogue with microblogging giant Twitter, assuring that the ban would be lifted in the coming days.

Information and Culture Minister Lai Mohammed gave this assurance when he spoke to reporters on Wednesday following the weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting in Abuja.

The minister raised hopes among Nigerians, who have not been able to use the proxy-free bird application of a virtual private network (VPN) since June 2021 due to the ban on Twitter, assuring them that very soon, the embargo would be lifted as the talks were now at an advanced stage.

“I think even Twitter itself two days ago gave what I’ll call a progress report on our discussions with them, and I think if I want to quote them correctly” it’s been productive and respectful enough “.

“And as for the qualifying word for when or when, I want to assure you that the point in time that the Twitter operation was suspended, (I meant) between when it was suspended and when it will be restored is far away. , much, much shorter.

“That I can assure you, that is by far in other words, if the operation has been on hold for about 100 days now, I can say that we are actually only talking about a few, just a few days of not anymore, ”he said.

According to Mohammed, the federal government was concerned about the anxiety of the Nigerian people over the situation, and both parties (Twitter and the federal government) were on the verge of reaching a conclusion on the matter.

In his words, “What we’re trying to do are the changes going on, but we need to dot the ‘i’s and cross the t’s, but I can make sure we don’t overlook the l’s. Nigerians anxiety and both sides are working very hard to bring the matter to an end.

“And as Twitter itself has said, the changes have been very, very productive for both sides. It hasn’t been consultative at all. And it’s pretty respectful.”

The federal government has been put an indefinite suspension of the operation of the social media platform across the country, precisely on June 4, alleging that this is the result of the persistent use of the platform for activities that could undermine the existence of the Nigerian company.

It’s not news that some businesses and individuals who rely solely on the platform have been able to bypass the restriction by resorting to the use of virtual private networks (VPNs).

However, various reports have reflected the alarming impact of the ban on the national economy during the period.

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