GBC Time Shares Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2022

News site GBC Time has picked the top affiliate marketing trends for 2022

GBC Time reports on top affiliate marketing trends

Affiliate and iGaming news The GBC Time website has compiled a list of top affiliate marketing trends in 2022. They hope this will make it easier for affiliates and help brands and marketers create better promotional campaigns.

“I hope this article can help affiliate marketers and anyone interested in this niche to better understand the fluctuations of the modern market and stay on top of their competitors”, mentioned Valeria Kostiukone of the GBC Time reporters.

GBC Time’s team of expert writers reports affiliate marketing, crypto and iGaming news daily and crafts in-depth analytical material on these topics. This time, journalists have compiled a list of the most relevant affiliate marketing trends in 2022 for any marketer and expert in the field.

Direct shopping is gaining importance

In recent years, virtual shopping has been one of the main affiliate niches. Thousands of brands are selling their products online as consumers prefer to shop on the internet. Some companies also employ influencers and affiliate marketers for easy, low-investment promotion.

In 2022, live streaming shopping is going to be hugely popular. During live broadcasts, bloggers provide bonus codes and showcase the products they promote. Major social networks like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are already focusing on this trend. This is definitely one of the hottest trends in affiliate marketing.

Influencer partnerships: micro and nano-influencers in the spotlight

2022 will be the year of influencers in affiliate marketing. This year, partnerships of micro-bloggers (up to 10,000 subscribers) and nano-bloggers (up to 25,000 subscribers) will take center stage. Brands are going to focus on collaborating with influencers who have a smaller audience for the following reasons:
– It is an economical solution
– Nano- and micro-influencers have greater authority;
– These bloggers usually create niche-oriented content.

Co-marketing partnerships are becoming more popular than ever

One of the latest trends in affiliate marketing is collaborations between affiliate marketers and influencers. Businesses tend to work with multiple affiliates who work in similar niches and have similar audiences. It’s an opportunity to maximize revenue for all parties, increase brand awareness and diversify audiences.

Voice Search SEO Growth Continues

Mobile users often use voice search to search the web for information, and affiliate marketers and SEOs can’t help but take advantage of this trend. As more than half of affiliate traffic is generated on mobile devices, voice search becomes a powerful advertising tool, especially when paired with long-tail SEO. This is definitely one of the trends that affiliate marketing experts should pay attention to.

Changes to cookie policies

By the end of 2022, Google will start moving away from third-party cookies. And when these cookies are phased out, the company will launch Privacy Sandbox to make user data anonymous. All of this will certainly affect the affiliate marketing industry even this year. Marketers need to find a way to create campaigns without relying on third-party data. First-party cookies will likely take center stage, and affiliates will need to be more upfront about collecting data with their customers.

The Rise of Crypto Affiliate Programs

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly important with government and banks recognizing virtual assets and investing in this market. This means that crypto affiliate programs will also be increasingly popular in 2022. Anyone with a YouTube, Twitch or other channel can access the world of crypto.


GBC Time believes that this shortlist of top affiliate marketing trends will help marketers, brands and influencers create successful campaigns in 2022. The Affiliate News website also offers in-depth analytical posts and the the most relevant news on the market.

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