Fighter battling for life after brutal KO, UFC middleweight slams Twitter for being ‘liberal safe haven’, Israel Adesanya takes pro-choice stance (July 19, 2022)

Welcome to today’s edition of Sportskeeda’s daily MMA News Roundup, where we feature the biggest UFC updates and other news from the world of mixed martial arts.

In the latest issue, we talk about a Muay Thai fighter who fell into a coma after a vicious knockout, Israel Adesanya taking a stand against the knockdown of Roe v. Wade, and more.

#3. Knockout sends Muay Thai fighter into life-threatening coma

Muay Thai fighter in coma after knockout
Muay Thai fighter in coma after knockout

Muay Thai fighter Phanphet Phadungchai suffered a brain hemorrhage after succumbing to a knockout loss on July 15 at the Royal Thai Air Force Youth Boxing Arena. He took an elbow to the jaw of his opponent and hit his head hard on the canvas.

Graphic Content Warning. Panpetch Padunchai suffered a severe brain hemorrhage in a knockout loss on Friday’s Fighter X show against Anthony TFC Muay Thai. Panphet’s family denies rumors that the fighter has died, but he is currently in a coma.

Initial reports claimed he died at a nearby hospital in Bangkok, where he was taken immediately afterwards.

However, a close family member revealed on Facebook that Phadungchai is still alive and using a ventilator for breathing, but was taken off stimulants with the consent of his mother and wife. He suffered permanent and irreversible brain damage and is now in a coma on life support.

The family is waiting for a “miracle” to happen, the post said.

A former Muay Thai national team fighter, Phanphet Phadungchai won a silver medal at the 2019 SEA games in the Philippines.

#2. Twitter is dead – Controversial UFC resident Sean Strickland vows to leave ‘liberal safe haven’

Sean Strickland at the UFC 276 press conference
Sean Strickland at the UFC 276 press conference

Sean Strickland isn’t the sweetest fighter in the UFC. In fact, his statements have often landed him in choppy waters in the past and also got him suspended from social media.

Following Elon Musk’s withdrawal from his Twitter deal, Strickland believes the microblogging platform is no longer a place for him to speak out:

“You know, Twitter just became a liberal safe place, a fucking cesspool and I don’t think my brand of fucking white redneck is supposed to be on Twitter. So no more tweets of tweets from This guy. That’s just hard you know? Every time I post something I get flagged and then, you know… Twitter is a cesspool, like it’s just going downhill, man. Elon Musk is stepping down. Like , Twitter is dead,” Strickland told Helen Yee.

Watch the interview below:

youtube cover

#1. Israel Adesanya supports abortion rights and Dem. candidate Gary Chambers

Israel Adesanya after UFC 276 win
Israel Adesanya after UFC 276 victory

Known to be one of the most politically aware fighters on the UFC roster, Israel Adesanya made his stance on Roe vs. Wade clear in a recent tweet.

After Democratic Party candidate Gary Chambers released a chilling new video as part of his campaign to defeat U.S. Senator John N. Kennedy in Louisiana, Adesanya shared the clip with a comment:

“Abortions won’t stop, but this democracy will if the government refuses to stay out of people’s personal choices. Make no mistake about it, women will die. There’s nothing pro-life about it” , Chambers said in the voiceover.

“…women will die, and there’s nothing pro-life about that.” Spit Barz!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Adesanya has previously spoken out against the abortion ban, expressing concern about the thought process of some people in power.

I want to talk about this very quickly… It’s been all over my timeline and it’s disturbing. Just read some of the quotes… This is how some people in power think in their heads. I can’t wait for these old people to die with their outdated ideas and the world can move on.

On June 24, the United States Supreme Court overturned the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that made abortion a constitutional right in the country. The judgment received significant backlash around the world.

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